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Book Drawing Winners:

*I need your mailing address! If you haven’t provided it already, please pop me an email and I’ll get your book right out to you. I promise to keep it private ~ so, no worries! Even if you didn’t win this time, send me your mailing address, so when you do win there won’t be any delay in getting you your book.

Congratulations to all you WTM Winners!

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  1. I received Hot Property just in time to take it on a weekend trip to the river to meet family. I was excited to be able to relax with what I knew was going to be a good book. We were actually there to celebrate my Grandmother’s birthday. The last day, Grandmother stayed behind while we all went out on the boat. When we returned, she said she couldn’t figure out how to work the TV, so she picked up Hot Property and started to read it. She liked it so much that she asked if she could take it with her to finish and would mail it back to me. I wasn’t going to tell her No, so she took it!! I mentioned we were there to celebrate her bday…it was her 91st. My 91 year old Grandmother took my Carly Phillips book!!! What I did get though before she snagged it was great though! Can’t wait to finish it – when I get it back!! I’ll add that since my grandmother liked it so much, my Aunt started asking what other books Carly had written and already made a trip to the library to get some of her other books! A new fan!!

  2. Hey Carrie,
    I just wanted to let you know that I got the book you sent me last Saturday (August 2 2008); M.I.L.D.E.W (Mothers-In-Law Do Everything Wrong). I want you to know that I opened it up and started reading it immediately and couldn’t put it down I finished it that day & thought it was really great. Filled with funny MILDEW stories, many I could relate to! It’s a very fun read & I’m going to share & recommend it to all my married friends! I love your pod cast & site!! Thanks again! ~Jen

  3. Hi Carrie,
    Just a quick note to let you know that the book I won made it here in record time. (He loves Me, He Loves Me Not) I laid the book down to read later that evening and couldn’t find it later. I was beside myself thinking I threw it away with the trash mail, while have a stress moment. I found it a few days later when vacuuming. My husband was reading the book and didn’t want me to know, so he hid it under the sofa. I put it back without saying a word, and it just showed up on the kitchen counter a few days later. He just grinned when I said I found the book and must have overlooked it.
    (He Loves Me) Thanks for the extra smile.

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