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Amy MacKinnon’s debut book, Tethered, just released yesterday, August 12th. It’s already sold to NINE countries and is a Borders Original Voices pick.

“Original Voices is a Borders program that highlights fresh, compelling, innovative and ambitious works from new and emerging talents. TETHERED by Amy MacKinnon is a perfect example of a book that belongs in this program, bringing together unforgettable characters and a well-plotted mystery with language that is rich and full.. Highly recommended and not to be missed, TETHERED will keep you thinking well past the last page.”

  Amy tetheredThe main theme of Tethered according to Amy is “finding faith…in one’s self, in another, and perhaps in a higher power.”

Amy says she followed Hemingway’s advice to “Write what you know” and her first book was rejected over SEVENTY times. Amy fulfilled her dream when she decided to follow her Hemingway-tweaked advice to “Write what you want to know.” This sure-to-be New York Times Best Seller (my humble little prediction) also shared “If you’re interested in what you write about, others will be interested also…and that’s what got the attention of the publishing world.”

This truly was fascinating (from our conversation and Amy’s website:

One day my husband and I stopped at an antique shop, hoping to find a bargain. It was then I told him of this woman who haunted me. She’d only recently shared her name. “It’s Clara,” I said, “Clara Marsh.” I hoped it meant something; that I could move forward with her story. Inside the store, we went our separate ways, he in search of rugs, while I sought out something far more elusive, something I couldn’t name. It was then I saw it, propped on a pedestal table, against a candlestick. There before me was a yellowed envelope with a one-cent stamp pasted in the upper right-hand corner, the recipient’s name across the front in Palmer’s cursive: Clara Marsh.

It was a sign. Surely, it was a sign.

Amy was inspired to write Tethered after hearing the horrifying real-life-and-death story of Erica Michelle Maria Green (Precious Doe) on NPR.
amy mackinnon 1 b_w#220aAmy just finished reading:
Matters of Faith by Kristy Kiernan , “A fantastic book about faith and food allergies,” says Amy.

Amy’s Soon-to-Read:

Some of Amy’s Fave Authors:

Amy’s Writers’ Group  – After leaving a “dysfunctional writers’ group,” Amy was asked to join her current group and is ever grateful. Their highly effective group has a few helpful guidelines:

  • 20 pages of required reading prior to each meeting,
  • openness and honesty,
  • Author is not allowed to speak while being reviewed

Amy’s fellow Writers’ Group member Lynn Griffin, wrote Life Without Summer due out April 2009, St. Martins Press

Amy’s parting words: “To all the writers out there–just keep imagining the possibilities, keep working towards that goal, and something Amanda Eyre Ward once said to me that sustained me over the years was ‘Every writer who persevere(s) will eventually get their book published.”

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  1. What a great interview — and very inspiring for hopeful writers!

  2. Excellent interview, very interesting and inspiring.

  3. This is the first Words to Mouth I’ve listened to, and really enjoyed it (found you through Will Write for Wine). Tethered sounds really intriguing, and you’re right about the cover art — if I’d seen it in a book store first, I’d definitely have picked it up to read the back cover copy!

  4. This looks like a fantastic book! So much so that I have now made it next on my list of books to read. I loved the interview as well.

  5. Carrie,

    Thanks for featuring Amy MacKinnon (“Tethered”) in an audio interview. You drew her out in a number of areas of interest to other writers: inspiration, perseverence, subject matter, and contacts in the industry. Please extend my thanks to Amy for providing the impetus for me to get back to work on two novels I’d put ‘on the back burner’. One additional thanks is for hosting such a good website that helps readers and writers network together over current literary offerings. The concept of audio interviews with the authors adds so much more character to them and their works. Keep doing this well; enjoy yourself. I know I have and–doubtless–your other readers / listeners have, as well.

    Please enter me for a chance to obtain a copy of “Tethered”. If my name doesn’t come up to receive it, please let me know afterwards. I’ll purchase it on my own, which will benefit Amy directly. I’ll keep this site in my Favorites so I can refer back to the links.

    God bless all your efforts on behalf of all of us,
    TJ Weeks ?:-]

  6. Can’t wait to read this book. I was just informed today that this will be our new Book Club selection for the month of November. The woman who picked it said that she put a lot of time and thought into making a selection; that she narrowed it down to 5 books, and Tethered won out.

    After reading the synopsis it sounds to me as though this book will be a lot of fodder for a good meeting!

  7. I am LOVING this book!

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