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It truly was a delight to speak with Bonnie Glover. She is encouraging and an inspiration. Listen in (Click gray arrow below) and then please let us know what you think…Comment or Call–details below!

Publishers Weekly Review:
Bonnie J. Glover weaves the stories of three generations of African American women in a tale both familiar and surprising. In the early 1960s, 15-year-old Olivia Jean tells her parents she is pregnant, and her father, Turk, and mother, Daisy, decide to take Olivia to Daisy’s mother’s house in Cold Water Springs, Ala., to avoid a scandal in their Brooklyn neighborhood. The plan is for Daisy and Turk to return to Brooklyn and leave Olivia in the care of her grandmother, Birdie. But Birdie insists that Daisy remain as well. Daisy is deeply resentful of her mother, who ran a bootlegging operation in their dry county when Daisy was young, but she agrees to stay, and over the next few months, all three women learn about themselves. While the arc may seem familiar, Glover does an admirable job of avoiding cliché (as when Daisy and Birdie attempt to resolve their conflicts with a wrestling match) and provides readers with an absorbing setting and a complex family.

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  1. Listening to your interview with Bonnie Glover was an inspiration. I can’t wait to read her book, Going Down South. Thanks for this forum for authors, readers and wannabe writers to connect with each other.

  2. Thank you for this excellent interview! Bonnie and I have been online friends for some time, but I never got to hear her lovely voice before. What a treat!

    Can hardly wait to read Going Down South. I’m plowing through my monstrous reading pile to get to it. I LOVED The Middle Sister and am in awe of Bonnie’s talent.

    Kudos to you both for this fabulous podcast!

  3. Carrie, your shows are fantastic. I have read and listened to some authors that I don’t know and might never have read if I wasn’t listening to your interviews. I did recently read excellent reviews of All We Ever Wanted Was Everything and Going Down South and am looking forward to reading them. Thanks for the great work! Anne

  4. I loved this interview and am looking forward to reading to book! thanks for this great podcast!

  5. Books written about women’s relationships can be very interesting.
    In this case, it is one about three generations of a family. I always like to see what is strained and whether there are resolutions and how they came about. Thanks, Cindi