The Scalpel and the Soul: Encounters with Surgery, the Supernatural, and the Healing Power of Hope – Dr. Allan Hamilton, M.D.

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Listen NowScapelDr. Allan Hamilton’s career is far from linear spanning from janitor, to Harvard-graduate neurosurgeon, author, motivational speaker, Grey’s Anatomy script consultant, and Horse Whisperer. Without a doubt, he’s one extraordinary man and yet he has an easy demeanor that elicits familiarity and relaxed conversation.

Dr. Hamilton admits to almost titling his book The Spiritual Journey of a Reluctant Surgeon, because…well, that’s his truth. He comes from an esoteric hard-core science-based background. But, after witnessing how the healing power of hope trumps scientific evidence time and time again, Dr. Allan Hamilton stepped beyond denial and recognized the capability of the human soul.

In his book, The Scalpel and the Soul, Dr. Hamilton shares story after story of what he encountered in his medical career and through his own personal life experience ~ Things that cannot be explained scientifically. He shares his views on what faith means to him and his “Twenty Rules to Live By” in and outside of a hospital room.

Dr. Hamilton speaks of how to harness emotional and spiritual resources, so the soul gets as much care as the physical, and in turn, enhances the body’s healing process. He hopes The Scalpel and the Soul encourages physicians and scientists to address their patients’ spiritual needs as well as their physical requirements. I think it should be required reading for graduation from medical school, but read it and decide for yourself.

From Dr. Allan Hamilton’s Website:Allan Hamilton
The soul often needs more than an Intensive Care Unit can provide. The Scalpel and the Soul explores how premonition, superstition, hope and faith not only become factors in how patients feel, but can change the outcomes as well. The stories with in this book validate the spiritual manifestations physicians see every day. The tales empower patients to voice their spiritual needs in medical situations. When the life is threatened, the soul can exert mysterious powers, embracing that knowledge can help anyone, patient or caregiver, to cope with such difficult and challenging times.

“Allan Hamilton is a natural storyteller. His real-life experiences remind us that patients and surgeons can share in a spiritual transformation during the course of battling disease. He also reminds us that every patient presents a dramatic opportunity to see the miraculous, the inexplicable, and the inspirational at work.”
Linda Klein R.N., Producer, Grey’s Anatomy & Nip/Tuck

“A tragic error in medical education is that doctors are taught to think and not feel. The Scalpel & the Soul is a moving account of what can happen when a doctor opens his heart and his eyes to life’s spiritual lessons and the mystery that thrives amidst the terror and trauma of life-threatening illness. This book will be appreciated by everyone who reads it because we are the same at both ends of the scalpel.”
Bernie Siegel, MD author of Help Me To Heal and Prescriptions For Living

“Allan Hamilton has the whole-person perspective that I emphasize in integrative medicine. Like me he regards patients as not just physical bodies but also as metal/emotional beings and spiritual entities. In order to understand health and illness, doctors must examine and attend to those dimensions of human life as well as the physical, even when the physical body is obviously damaged or sick.” Andrew Weil, MD author of 8 Weeks to Optimum Health, Spontaneous Healing, Natural Health, Natural Medicine…and many more.

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Dr. Allan Hamilton’s Website
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  1. Hi Carrie, I have a friend who was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of breast cancer. Her prognosis was not good. She choose conventional treatment along with a holistic approach to healing.
    This included acupuncture, massage, a special hot tea, etc.
    It has been almost 7 years now and she has lived to see three grandchildren born and is doing wonderfully. Thanks, Cindi

  2. As I was listening to the interview, I had waves of chills going up the back of my neck as he told the story of the river and the boy with the burns. What a wonderful gift he has shared in writing this book. I had an uncle who was a physician and worked with many spinal cord victims. Unfortunately he died of a sudden heart attack in his fifties when I was in college and I never got to know him but I know that he would have loved this book and resonated with it. He had a very loving spirit and touched many lives and I will always feel he is watching over us.

  3. Surgeons have a reputation of just wanting to cut. It is refreshing to find an experienced surgeon open to the spiritual side of medicine and healing. Can’t wait to read it.

  4. I would be very interested in reading this book. After 11 years of living with chronic pain (the result of a procedure that went wrong) and other related conditions and illnesses I’ve tried many remedies. I am determined to remain open minded to treatments. I have other family members also dealing with serious illnesses, especially cancer in the forms of leukemia, breast and colon cancer and brain cancer. We’ve all learned the importance of staying very involved in our treatments and know that the body, mind and soul need care. Thanks so much for the offer here and I look forward to reading this.

  5. This sounds like a fascinating book! I’ve had two open-heart surgeries and I know first hand how hope and faith play a big factor in healing and recovery.

    I’m a subscriber, Carrie.

  6. This book sounds really intriguing. I have had a similar experience with catastrophic health issues and the power of a positive mental attitute can do wonders. What a gift Dr. Hamilton gave when he wrote this book. Thanks Carrie for doing this interview.

  7. I especially admire and feel “on the same plane” as Allan because as a pharmacist science is very important to me. However, I totally believe in the spiritual world and don’t necessarily have to actually SEE something material to FEEL that there is something else there. I can actually feel certain things before I’m told and there is no way to explain it. I try to tune in to everything around me and the older I get the more open I’m able to be. I really enjoyed his interview and would love to win his book. Thanks!

  8. When I started listening to this interview I didn’t think I would be all that interested in this book, but the interview was amazing and has REALLY sparked my interest in picking it up!

  9. I was listening to your interview intently. I am a physician (recently completed training) and more of a traditional student besides a few jobs in between to help with school payments.
    Dr. Hamilton makes great points.
    I remember telling my mother during medical school that part of me was upset that I was trained to look past humanity and exclude alternative theories and life (i.e. supernatural) and it made me a hardended person. I realize now that there is room for both. There are definitely times that medicine cannot explain why somebody lives when all is stacked against them. And the reverse, why somebody dies or continues doing poorly despite a loving family and a straight and “easy” diagnosis/prognosis.

    On the side-note of “what can you recommend to hospitalized patients.” AMEN to Dr. Hamilton’s suggestions. One more to add to the list is write down questions and DO NOT bring in the 200 pages printed off the internet, rather bring in your paraphrased version (your understanding) or a referenced cite/article.

    Love the blog and interviews!

  10. This interesting interview was riveting. Thanks for this opportunity. I would love to give this book to my son who is a resident. Thanks for this chance.

  11. This sounds very interesting. I work in a hospital but not in a nurse or Dr. capacity. If I’m not too late, please enter me.

  12. I was awed and inspired by the stories this man to share. i believe medicine and spirituality are linked. IT is cool to see some proof.

  13. What a great interview. I love the Horse Whisper and had no idea this author was a consultant on it. I am also impressed that this aurthor is a neurosurgeon and shares his talent with the rest of us. Wow What an amazing man he must be. I can only imagine the knowlege this book has in it. I would love to read and review this book.

  14. Would love to share this book with my neurosurgeon. Had aneurysm clip & coil…..he stated my recovery was absolutely miraculous….don’t believe he realizes how true his statement really is. Lots of faith, hope, and prayer for he and I, before, during, and after my surgery.
    Hope I receive a book!

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