UnHappy Valentine’s Day? The Truth About Cheating, M. Gary Neuman


The Truth About Cheating ~ Why Men Stray and What You Can Do to Prevent It

The number one reason men cheat? 
Emotional disconnection

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**As seen on Oprah

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  1. I wouldn’t have believed this earlier, but once my husband cheated on me and it was with an overweight woman 20 years OLDER than him. She doted on him, worshiped him, and made him feel the way I used to before we had kids.

    Listen up women! This happens to the best of men. An unfaithful man is only an attentive listener away.

    What saved our marriage is I started wooing him like I did when we first met. It also helped the other woman put up an ultimatum. She wanted to marry him!

    Now I NEVER take my man for granted.

  2. Wow, thanks for sharing Sue ~ appreciate your openness. I had another friend that this happened to as well. I guess we women are off track and give hard bodies and fabulous faces too much credit…who would have thought a listening-ear and appreciative words would be sexier than T&A, eh?

  3. Hello! I watched Mr. Neuman on Oprah on Wednesday! Next week, he is returning with ways to keep your man from straying. I think men need to work at this too~

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