THIRD WISH, Robert Fulghum (Author of All I Really Need To Know I Learned In Kindergarten)

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Listen Now“It’s a love story, but in a much larger sense it’s about loving lifethird wish
and wanting as much of it as you can have,”
says Robert about THIRD WISH

Written over a period of ten years, Third Wish is an epic novel that is above all – a love story – not in the usual sense, but the story of people who love life and go to great lengths to live it in a flourishing way. In fairy tales, the third wish is the last one left when the first wish was foolish, and the second wish was used to undo the first. Now the remaining wish must be used wisely and well – with the help of co-conspirators. The story threads its way through Greece, Japan, France, England, Spain and Seattle. Woven into the fabric is cultural history, art, philosophy, archeology, poetry, theater and music. The mode of the novel is contained in these three words: SLOWLY, SURPRISE, WITNESS. The two-volume set is divided into five parts and includes over 150 illustrations by three accomplished artists.Come experience THIRD WISH and don’t forget to listen to the companion music!

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Robert: Well, Mr. Fulghum, what’s new? robert fulghum
Robert: I’ll answer with a joke. An old geezer is sitting in the confessional booth of a Roman Catholic Church. The priest is surprised. He’s seen the man in the neighborhood, but he’s not a member of the parish. “What can I do for you?” asks the priest. Exuberantly the old man blurts out, “I’m eighty today and I’m in love with a beautiful 25 year old woman who spent the night with me. And she’s moving in to live with me.” The priest replies: “Aren’t you Jewish?” “Yes,” says the old man. “So why are you telling me?” The old man shouts, “I’m telling EVERBODY!”

Robert: Crude, but I get the point. You’re excited about . . . ?
The publication in English of my novel, Third Wish. At last. Something I was beginning to think would never happen. (Hence the joke.)

Robert: But wasn’t Third Wish published first in Czech – several years ago?
Yes. And that’s a lovely story you’ll find elsewhere in this revised website (Third Wish – Czech Edition). But having it published in English was my great hope. I’m telling EVERYBODY!

Robert: Keep going . . .
Robert: So the next day, the same priest finds the same old man sitting on a park bench, holding his face in his hands. The priest walks up and says, “I thought you were very happy.” “I was,” whispers the old man. “Weren’t you telling me you had a beautiful young girl friend who moved in with you?” “It’s true,” whispered the old man, “she’s at my house now.” “Then what’s wrong?” The old man looked up, tears streaming down his face, and said, “I don’t remember where I live.” MORE

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  • Robert loves reading so much, he spent $9,000 on books last year! That’s NINE THOUSAND DOLLARS!! Wow!
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  1. Sounds like an interesting read! Enter me please!

  2. What a fantastic interview. Would love to be entered for a copy of this book.

  3. Okay, now I have to find out what a Jumwillie is!
    He is definitely an interesting and creative fellow!
    I have to admit that I knew nothing of this book that
    was written in Czech. Please enter me in your book drawing.
    Many thanks…..Cindi

  4. I think this would be an insightful read after knowing his other works. Sign me up to win a copy!

  5. This sounds like such a facinating book! Thanks for the interview, Carrie! And for a chance to win a copy!

  6. Please sign me up for the drawing. It sounds very interesting.

  7. My third wish is to take care of all animal abuse….I’m not sure that this wish would follow wish one and two yet if we could cure animal abuse we would also stomp out human and planet abuse.
    Thanks so much,
    darbyscloset at yahoo dot com

  8. What a fun interview.
    THIRD WISH sounds like a great read.

    $9,000 on books ?!?!? Oh my! Now I don’t feel bad about my book spending addiction.

  9. My third wish isn’t exactly for myself, it is for my sister who is in a very bad relationship and has no money to get out of it. She lives in Canada while I am in the States. I would love her to move down here with me but she finds that impossible although would love to do it. My wish is for her to get away from this guy and come and live at our lovely lake with or near us.

  10. Hi. What a great giveaway. I would love to hunker down in my reading chair and get taken away by this story. I’m enamored. An extremely appealing concept.
    A third wish huh? It would be definitely be for health and happiness for me and my family. Who really could ask for anything more? We really are far to materialistic today.

  11. my third wish would be that there would be no more war…….EVER!

  12. My third wish is that my children continue to be happy and love life.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  13. I thoroughly enjoyed this wonderful interview and the amusing story about the old Jewish man and the priest. It is simply adorable as I appreciate that type of humor and this book sounds incredible. I think everyone has a third wish which should be granted. Mine is for a long life with a great quality of life, which means the best of health.

  14. What a fascinating book which travels to these amazing places. It appeals to me greatly and would be memorable. I adore the cute joke and interview. My third wish is for happiness and good health for my family which is all that matters.

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