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Are you a big fan of Sue Monk Kidd like me?

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When I started Words To Mouth, one of my earliest blog posts talked about the excitement of one of my favorite authors/books coming to the big screen—Sue Monk Kidd’s THE SECRET LIFE OF BEES.  Well, now that same author and her daughter, Anna Kidd Taylor, are coming to Words To Mouth. Sue and Anna, wrote a mother-daugher memoir called TRAVELING WITH POMEGRANATES and have agreed to take a few moments out of their busy book tour to chat with me on SEPTEMBER 10th. I’m beyond thrilled ~ what an honor!

From a conversation with Sue on Reading Group Choices:

My next book (due out next September) is a memoir that I just finished. It’s co-authored with my daughter, Ann Kidd-Taylor, Traveling with Pomegranates. It’s a mother-daughter story, but it’s also a story of two women; we’re telling stories from two ends of life. It was written when I turned 50 and my daughter graduated from college, and we traveled together to Greece. It became an extraordinary time in our lives. It’s a multi-layered memoir of both of us trying to find our place.

Leave a comment below, email me, or call in and submit your question to Sue and/or Anna and I’ll be happy to pass it along and ask them for you. If you’ve been lucky enough to have read an advance copy of TRAVELING WITH POMEGRANATES, let us know what you think—without giving too much away…I’m still awaiting my copy to arrive in the mail.

The following clip from a commencement speech given by Sue and Anna at Columbia College, SC is a wonderful dose of inspiration, especially around the 4–minute mark—Give it a listen and check back for the full Words To Mouth audio interview mid-September:

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  1. Yay!! ~ FedEx just dropped off my copy–Woo Hoo!!

  2. Question for Sue Monk Kidd – I enjoyed “The Secret Life of Bees” and really hated for it to finish. Will you consider a sequel to this wonderful story?

  3. Oh my gosh, I would love to read this. I’m doing the Literary Road Trip for South Carolina, and this would be the perfect fit.

  4. What a profound and unique novel. It sounds compelling and so enticing. How was your wonderful trip with your daughter.

  5. The Mermaid Chair is one of my all time favorite books! Way to go Carrie!! This will be an excellent interview and I can’t wait!

  6. How neat, Carrie. Sounds wonderful. I love Sue Monk Kidd.

  7. Looking forward to reading this one! The Mermaid Chair was a good book and a really good movie, too. Mom and I are planning to watch The Secret life Of Bees tonight, I enjoyed the book so much.

  8. Although I haven’t read THE SECRET LIFE OF BEES, my entire family enjoyed the movie based on the book. My husband was surprised to find out the movie was based on a book. We will be looking for her other books.

  9. I’m hoping to get my book club to read it . . . Yay!

  10. I am sure these have already been given away. However, I loved The Secret LIfe of Bees and would love to read more by this author.Thanks Carrie for the service you provide!

  11. I absolutely love your fresh approach to novels! I’d love to win a book, this one sounds intriguing.

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