Six Simple Truths to Fat Release, Nealon Hightower

A Candid Conversation with Nealon Hightower

How I Let Go of More than 100 Pounds the Easy Way

Six Simple Truths

Carrie:  What inspired you to write Six Simple Truths to Fat Release?
Well, Inspired is definitely the right word. After years of fighting with my weight, winning sometimes only to end up losing even bigger, I came to a place of quiet desperation and I finally surrendered to the battle and let my heart guide me to find a permanent solution to my lifelong problem. I vowed to teach the gift to others if I could find the path.  I did and I am.

Carrie:  What are you reading right now?
I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of Marianne Williamson’s new book,  A Course in Weight Loss. I feel as though she is going to hit on a lot of very relevant information, though I am still a little disappointed that she is still referring to the term “Weight Loss”.

Carrie:  What’s wrong with weight loss, didn’t you lose over 100lbs?
This is the major differentiation between my book and most others out there. I very strongly feel, no…I know that weight loss is not the most effective approach. You lose your keys, your job, your home, your dog but you don’t want to lose your excess weight.  You want to release it, to let it go, to stop fighting with it and allow your well being that is your true nature to rise up.  It really is easy when you take the right approach. I certainly have an advantage in that I have walked many miles in those obese shoes. My readers feel my energy and my authenticity when they hold the book in their hands. It is life changing.

Carrie:  What is the best advice you’ve ever received?
That’s easy.  When you find yourself in adversity, you have to take care of yourself first or you’ll be useless to anyone else you love. This is hard for many people to see. We give so much of ourselves to those we love and we forget replenish our own soul and take care of ourselves.

Carrie:  What’s next for you?
I am working on partnering with several major non-profits including the YMCA to get the message out and to help people regain their health. My heart is always pointed in the direction of helping children with obesity and I will, no doubt, spend my lifetime reversing the current alarming trends. It is possible…if you believe it is.

Carrie:  Is there a primary message you’d like to convey?
Real, lasting change does not come from something outside of you (a pill, a motivator, workout equipment, or someone trying to convince you that you can do better). True, permanent transformation comes from the inside and works out. A healthy body is a symptom of a healthy mind and when we can find alignment with our hearts wisdom, everything else will fall into place, as if by magic, but really it’s just universal law. When you understand how it all works, the path then becomes almost effortless instead of constant fighting and battling; that is merely resistance.  Keep your focus on what you do want and that will eventually come to you.  I have many resources available on my
website to make this even easier.

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  2. I have yo yo’d all my life, and have ALWAYS been unhappy with my appearance. I want to get healthy and stopping the insane diets. Your story is an inspiration to me and I would like to learn your truths so I can get and stay the thin person God intended me to be.

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