Words To Mouth is an author interview talk show where readers meet authors beyond the printed page…and win FREE books.

Come discover new and seasoned authors and the books they write. Carrie Runnals understands the challenges of being a busy woman juggling work-life balance. She scours the literary market and keeps a pulse on new book releases for you. Hear about the latest must-read novels and nonfiction as Carrie gets the answers to questions you want asked with authors you’d love to meet. She goes beyond the book subject, not only pulling plot and inspiration, but delving deeper into what makes the author tick.

Carrie interviews authors across genres from light chick lit and romance to memoirs, historical fiction, and mystery—even nonfiction books on family and relationships. So, take Words To Mouth along as you multi-task through your active days, then pop on the website and enter to win free copies of the books that most intrigue you. Or if you can’t wait, simply purchase the hardback/paperback copies online through convenient links to top booksellers. Carrie provides both audio and transcribed interviews—so you can access the information in your preferred method—as well as book excerpts and reviews and the opportunity to interact with other book lovers online.

Thank you for stopping by. Please feel free to share your book recommendations and ruminations by leaving comments.

Words to Mouth host Carrie Runnals creates a great show experience for her listeners for two reasons – first, she’s in service to you and keeps your needs top of mind, always delighting, educating and entertaining with every episode. Secondly, her integrity and intelligence shine through and through. Carrie brings heart and love to her every action. Words to Mouth is a pleasure for both the new books Carrie unearths and shares as well as her generosity in sharing a little of herself in every episode. — Susan Bratton, CEO, Personal Life Media, Inc.

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  • Edgy Reviews Show #42:
    Carrie Runnals hosts this podcast dedicated to talk show-like interviewing of authors. Words to Mouth is a refreshing podcast, and Carrie delivers content using a pleasing voice. She has an ability few interviewers ever achieve: She can adjust her interviewing style to best match the topic of discussion. Carrie’s voice is capable of expressing great excitement, curiosity, and sympathy. In addition to regular episodes that last about 30 minutes in length, “Quick and Wordy” episodes are also available and run about 10 minutes in length. Notable interviews include those with Joshilyn Jackson, J.C. Hutchins, Grammar Girl, and Jason Van Orden. Because Carrie asks each author how he or she became a writer, how his work was published, and about his writing style, listeners learn a great deal about the book-writing process. For those simply interested in reading, this show is a great way to find out about authors whose books one may not before have read. Another plus is that interviewed authors regularly donate books for free give-aways to listeners. Our only recommendation is that Carrie say her full name more frequently such as the beginning and ending of each show.
    Rating: 4 out of 5 stars