ROSEMARY AND RUE, Seanan McGuire (Release Date: Sept. 1st)


Carrie’s Conversation with Seanan McGuire

Carrie:  What inspired you to write ROSEMARY AND RUE?
I’ve always loved folklore and the old fairy tales — the ones that were around before Grimm came along and “cleaned them up” to turn them into children’s stories.  I was visiting the Japanese Tea Gardens in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park one day, and suddenly everything clicked together.  I knew who Toby was, I knew what her problem was, and I really, really wanted to know how she was going to get out of it.  Everything followed from there.

Carrie:  In general, how does an idea for a book come to you? Does it perk slowly in your mind or does it come in a flash?
It depends on the book, really.  ROSEMARY AND RUE came slowly.  The second book in the series, A LOCAL HABITATION, came to me all at once, and just had to be refined from there. It’s very situational for me.

Double Trouble, Tee Morris and Philippa Ballantine (author audio interview) The Case of the Pitcher’s Pendant and Digital Magic

Double Trouble


A date to remember not only because

 it’s Fantasy novelist Pip Ballantine’s birthday…

Tee describes Double Trouble best in this clip from his website:

Double Trouble is where Pip and I make 08-08-08 our day on Amazon,” says Tee. “Between our respective podcasts, mailing lists, and a media blitz spanning across podcasts and live radio shows, we’re asking our readers and listeners to buy The Case of The Pitcher’s Pendant and Digital Magic. Our goal is to get not one but two Dragon Moon titles into Amazon’s Top Ten lists.” Authors Scott Sigler and Seth Harwood accomplished similar feats on their own Amazon Days (Sigler on April 1, Harwood on March 16), but this promotion will be the first time two authors are working together to dominate Amazon’s charts. “Double Trouble just made sense to us,” Tee continues. “We’re currently collaborating on both our podcasts (MOREVI: Remastered and Chasing the Bard), both new titles are sequels to award-nominated books, and bottom line — we work well together.”

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