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Here’s WHY:

As host of Words To Mouth (WTM), I receive countless inquiries and day after day, book after book, email after email, the same pesky question keeps nagging me; “How can I help support more ‘under-promoted authors,’ while maintaining the integrity of the valuable product I’ve worked so hard to create?”

I’ve received such glowing responses from authors, publicists, and readers and I absolutely love what I’m doing here at Words To Mouth. I’ve come to realize digital media—specifically, blogs and Internet talk shows (podcasts)—provide unparalleled exposure to book-lover niche markets that other media outlets simply can’t. Words To Mouth is unique from other biblio-sites, because it offers both an author interview blog and audio talk show. I’ve wracked my brain to come up with a mutually-beneficial approach to encourage more authors while maintaining Words To Mouth’s reputation…and balance my own time and efforts.

Here’s WHAT  ~ A Two-tiered Promotional Program:

  1. Featured Authors: These highlighted authors/books are spotlighted scrolling at the top premier spot on the WTM website. You’ll most likely find these authors prominently displayed on your booksellers shelves–some well-known, some first-time authors. These author interviews are differentiated as “Featured Authors” and are posted without compensation. Readers love learning more about their favorite authors and these top-level authors help increase website traffic, which in turn increases lesser known authors’ exposure. It’s a win-win!
  2. Paid Promotions: “Under-promoted Authors” can take advantage of the WTM platform by choosing from three affordable options detailed below.  

Paid Promotion Options:

  1. Across Carrie’s Desk” Collection – Book Listing (Three authors per post MAX): This type of blog post includes up to three highlighted authors with the author name, book title & description, author website link, and book jacket image/Amazon link (so viewers can go directly to purchase your book). Viewers/Readers will enter to win the entire book collection. For a sample blog post, CLICK HERE Cost: $25 (which includes book shipping cost to contest winner).

  2. Author Showcase – A written author interview (See Authors Page for questions) with all the above referenced components, plus author headshot photo. If you have a video book trailer, be sure to send me the link. For a sample blog post, CLICK HERE Cost: $100 This is great for cross-promoting via “Check out my interview on Words To Mouth” links on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

  3. Customized Audio Interview – A minimum fifteen minute audio interview in the standard WTM format. For sample, CLICK HERE to LISTEN (See Authors Page for template questions, but you will have the opportunity to add/tailor questions specific to your book) Interview will post on Words To Mouth website, plus be distributed via RSS Feed to iTunes and multiple directories. Cost: $200 (Introductory Offer). Some options on how to utilize this interview are to: 1) provide link on author’s website and/or social media outlets, 2) include interview link in online press release, 3) use as interview practice for radio/TV interview spots, and 4) send as a demo for other radio/TV spots.

Added-Value at NO Additional Cost:  WTM’s semi-regular e-newsletter is distributed to an ever-growing niche audience and connects you with even more interested readers. I also actively participate on various digital/social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, etc. I post updates regularly to simply “join in the conversation” as well as encourage viewers to visit my site…and, in turn, your WTM blog post.

Special Offer: First 10 authors to sign up for the Author Showcase will receive the package for only $75


First Things First:

  1. Email me a press release or brief description of your book with a link to your website (
  2. I will get back to you within 24 hours via email to let you know if your book has been approved. Then, you can simply follow the instructions below.
  3. I retain the right to decline any books. Hint: Romance, not Erotica ~ Sci-fi Thriller, not Horror.


  1. Send Two copies of your book to:  Carrie Runnals, 109 Meadowlark Trace, Peachtree City, GA  30269

  2. For any of the Three Packages be sure to send me all pertinent information in an email attachment; .jpeg book jacket image, .jpeg headshot photo, website link, book description, and press release (if you have one).

  3. If you choose the Author Showcase option, visit the Authors Page on my website and answer all/any questions you’d like included in the interview. I’m flexible and will work with you to include questions that are more specific to your book if you’d like. These questions are just a template to give you some ideas. We can work together to best convey your message to potential readers.

  4. If you choose the Audio Interview option, please provide your phone number and I will call you about the questions you’d like included and schedule the interview. We can pull from the questions listed on the Authors Page as well as come up with some specific to your book, so we’re sure to convey what you’d like.

  5. Don’t forget to provide payment via PayPal button on website or “snail mail.”

Just a Few Guidelines:

  • Published Bound or Audio Books Only; no e-books, .pdf files, or unbound manuscripts
  • If your book is in podcast format, you must make a CD package available for the book-giveaway contest
  • Payments are due in advance via PayPal or check via “snail mail” postal service.
  • Posts will remain on Words To Mouth for a year from publication with option to renew.
  • I retain the right to refuse any books and edit interviews at my discretion. 

Here’s WHEN:   NOW!!

Why Wait? Seize the Opportunity! Don’t Miss Out!

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Holly Buchanan, co-author with Michele Miller of The Soccer Mom Myth

The Soccer Mom Myth: Today’s Female Consumer: Who She Really Is, Why She Really Buys

**Holly’s offered TWO books for the FREE book drawing, so ENTER NOW!

HollyHolly Buchanan is a Senior Persuasion Architect at FutureNow, an interactive marketing optimization company based in New York. She’s worked with hundreds of clients in all advertising mediums, including global brands like GE Healthcare, HP, Genworth Financial, and 1-800-Flowers.  Her specialty is marketing to women online and she writes the MARKETING TO WOMEN section of Future Now’s blog

Carrie:  If stereotyping helps you better understand your audience why is it so harmful to your marketing efforts?

Holly:  Stereotypes are shortcuts we use to try to better understand a group of people. The danger of stereotypes is they prevent you from digging deeper to really understand who she really is. The term Soccer Mom is a stereotype. You can look at a group of women and say, “They’re moms; they’re involved with their kids; they drive a minivan or SUV.”  Because they share these three traits, you start to assume other things like: They’re not very technologically savvy; they’re not business travelers; they let their husband make all the financial decisions. That’s a big problem, since women are the majority purchasers of consumer electronics, they make up almost 50% of all business travelers, and they want to be a very active partner, if not leader, in family finances and investments.   By stereotyping your customers, you may be making assumptions that aren’t true. (Don’t forget a lot of “Soccer Moms” are single.  Almost a quarter of all households are headed by a single woman.)
Another problem with the “Soccer Mom” stereotype is that it is a negative stereotype.   Some people give me push-back on that, but let me ask you this:  Would you want a “Soccer Mom” running your major corporation?   Would you seek out a “Soccer Mom” at a cocktail party for exciting conversation? Would you actively recruit a “Soccer Mom” to head up your technology team?  I think that’s why so many women avoid that label.

Carrie:  How can you tap into the power of the Internet to market to women?

Holly:  In a recent study by the University of Glasgow, they found that men preferred websites designed by men, and women preferred websites designed by women.  So while I’m not saying you have to use a woman to design your website, at least make sure you have women on the team.  Women and men may respond differently to different design elements. Women often have more questions than men do (In the book we discuss women’s brain chemistry which explains why this is so). The Internet is an amazing source of information where women can get those questions answered. More than 70% of all purchases start with a search online, whether the product is bought online or offline. Also, women rely more on “word of mouth” to make their buying decisions.  The Internet is a treasure trove of blogs, customer reviews, and discussion forums where she can gather opinions from others. These are just a few of the reasons why women are having a love affair with the Internet.

Carrie:  Do women process advertising messages differently than men?

Holly:  MRI studies show that when men and women experience pleasure and fear, different parts of their brains light up. So, they literally process advertising messages in a slightly different manner. Women and men also have different communication styles. Messages and humor that appeal to men may not necessarily appeal to women. I’ve done some informal research on how men and women interpret the same image. It’s been amazing how they look at the same image in a print ad and walk away with very different interpretations. So, it’s really important to understand how she is receiving your advertising messages. Once again, you want to make sure you are including women on your advertising teams, from initial strategy all the way through copywriting and production.

Carrie:  How do you market to women without turning off men?

Holly: Here’s the really good news. Women often have more criteria that matters to them when making a buying decision. Because of all the connections in their brain, they often look at the big picture and will notice any inconsistencies. Companies have found that when they meet the higher expectations of women, they create a better experience for men as well. The one thing you do have to be careful of is creating a “women’s only” section of your website, product offering or service. You don’t want to exclude men. If women really do have unique needs that are different from men, then it’s fine to create those spaces for them. But you never want your male customers to feel left out.  There’s a wonderful do-it-yourself home improvement site called Be Jane.  They feature stories of women and step-by-step instructions for home improvement projects. They are very supportive of “first-timers.” What they’ve found is, there are a lot of men who love their clear, simple, “don’t be intimidated – you can do it.” information. One final thought on that – Do not create ads that are derogatory to men.  Women don’t like it.  Women don’t react as well to “put-down” humor. Don’t think that bashing men is a way to instantly connect with her. It could really backfire on you.  Show her images and messages that are relevant to her and her life. Right now close to 70% of women say advertising aimed at them doesn’t speak to them. So there’s a huge opportunity here.

Book Excerpt:

The room was a marketer’s dream, filled with educated, savvy women with money and the urge to spend it. Holly asked a pointed question: “How many of you in the room consider yourself a Soccer Mom?” The silence reached a crescendo and nary a hand rose.
Every time Holly asks that question, usually only one or two women raise their hands. The numbers never change. Normally, only one to two percent of the crowd identifies themselves as a Soccer Mom. If you listen to marketers and politicians, there are millions upon millions of Soccer Moms out there, yet we’ve found only about seven.  
What’s going on here? Why aren’t more women identifying themselves as Soccer Moms? Come on, there’s nothing wrong with being a Soccer Mom, right? Right?
If women don’t consider themselves Soccer Moms, what does that say about the effectiveness (or ineffectiveness) of billions of dollars of advertising aimed at this group? 
It’s time for a wake-up call about who today’s female consumer really is, how she really thinks, and why she really buys – both online and offline. Prepare to kick the Soccer Mom myth to the sidelines, and learn how to market to women in a way that translates into more customers, AND bigger profit.


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