Six Simple Truths to Fat Release, Nealon Hightower

A Candid Conversation with Nealon Hightower

How I Let Go of More than 100 Pounds the Easy Way

Six Simple Truths

Carrie:  What inspired you to write Six Simple Truths to Fat Release?
Well, Inspired is definitely the right word. After years of fighting with my weight, winning sometimes only to end up losing even bigger, I came to a place of quiet desperation and I finally surrendered to the battle and let my heart guide me to find a permanent solution to my lifelong problem. I vowed to teach the gift to others if I could find the path.  I did and I am.

Carrie:  What are you reading right now?
I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of Marianne Williamson’s new book,  A Course in Weight Loss. I feel as though she is going to hit on a lot of very relevant information, though I am still a little disappointed that she is still referring to the term “Weight Loss”.

Carrie:  What’s wrong with weight loss, didn’t you lose over 100lbs?
This is the major differentiation between my book and most others out there. I very strongly feel, no…I know that weight loss is not the most effective approach. You lose your keys, your job, your home, your dog but you

The Wisdom of Yawdy Rum, Micheal Lane

Micheal has been so very gracious to offer FIVE copies of his wonderful book, The Wisdom of Yawdy Rum for our giveaway contest.

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The Wisdom of Yawdy Rum ~ An old New Orleans jazz musician and a secret that will harmonize your life, The Wisdom of Yawdy Rum blends memoirs and inspirational writing with a spicy mix of New Orleans jazz, cuisine, and history. It is a story about relationships, self-discovery, finding balance, setting priorities, and finding the courage to change.

Perfect for Starting a New Year!

Yawdy Rum

YAWDY’S WISDOM (excerpt) ~ The Wisdom of Yawdy Rum shares concepts from easy-to-understand music theory and common-sense thinking to illustrate seven basic principles that can teach anyone, in any situation, how to harness the power of paying attention.

I.    LARGO ~ Slow down so you can pay attention.
II.   D.C. AL FINE ~ Go back to the beginning. Play it through in your mind. THINK.
III.  DYNAMICS & TEMPO ~ Pay attention to your senses.
IV.  THE SCORE ~  Write out a description of a successful outcome.
V.   REPEAT ~ Repeat goal centered actions and behaviors.
VI.  REST ~  Take time to rest.
VII. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF ~ and don’t hesitate to ask the Band-leader for help.

Carrie’s Conversation with Micheal Lane:

Carrie: Why did you write The Wisdom of Yawdy Rum?
 I’ve had a goal for many years to write and speak professionally. And I simply came to a point in my life where I realized if I was going to achieve that goal, I needed to take action. For years I’ve been a great fan of authors like Og Mandino, Richard Bach, and Mitch Albom. I think simple, motivational stories move us at a deep level; staying with us and providing critical guidance. I decided to write a story in that same fashion. 

Carrie: What is The Wisdom of Yawdy Rum about?
  The Wisdom of Yawdy Rum is about traditional New Orleans jazz, corporate politics, and hurricanes — both real and emotional. A senior marketing executive meets Yawdy Rum, an old New Orleans jazzman who turns out to be a sage. The story focuses on their friendship and the wisdom Yawdy has acquired through his life as a musician, and on the danger facing New Orleans from the threat of a gulf hurricane. The story offers insights into the life of a successful executive wrestling with the demands of corporate politics, an exhausting travel schedule, and the challenge of balancing work with the needs of a family trying to raise an autistic child.Lane

Carrie: Where did you find your inspiration?
 In Feb. 2005, I was walking back to my hotel in New Orleans after a late-night business meeting. I stopped under the awning of Reverend Zombie’s Voodoo shop on Saint Peter Street in the French Quarter. Historic Preservation Hall stood directly across the street from me. I could hear the beat of the traditional New Orleans jazz radiating from the building. Standing there, staring through the drizzle at the weathered old facade, I suddenly felt the presence of an old jazzman. His energy, his grace, and his wisdom were almost palpable and I instantly felt a connection between my personal situation and the lessons that I could potentially learn from someone who had the kind of life experience as this imaginary jazzman. Out of this, I created the fictional character Yawdy Rum to convey a message of wisdom and hope in the face of change. 

The Truth About You, Marcus Buckingham ~ Win A FREE Copy


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So, I’m opening the contest back up to three new lucky winners 

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Check out Susan Bratton’s (Personal Life Media) DishyMix interview with Marcus and his presentations on YouTube. He’s a phenomenal speaker and offers wonderful guidance. MarcusHe’s also interviewed with Oprah, so check him out. Click HERE for Marcus’s website.

                            ~ GOOD LUCK ~

The Smart Cookies Guide to Making More Dough, The Smart Cookies and Jennifer Barrett

**Thanks to Christine for the following guest book review ~ I’m still recovering from my whirlwind Manic Mommies Escape Cruise complete with head cold, so Christine’s submission came at just the right time! 

The Smart Cookies Guide to Making More Dough
By: The Smart Cookies and Jennifer Barrett
Guest Book Review by Christine Olson-Mader


I was excited to read a book about successful personal finance written from the perspective of real women who didn’t have professional backgrounds in banking or investing. The Smart Cookies are easy to relate to, they are like most young women today who have careers, relationships, friendships, shopping to do, and bills to pay. Their real-life examples of being in debt, how they got there, and how they worked to get out are enlightening, informative, at times funny, and also inspiring.

Seth Godin and Marcus Buckingham’s New Books!

MarcusIf you’re interested in personal growth and advancing your career, check out a recent Managing the Gray podcast where C.C. Chapman talks about Seth Godin’s newest book, Tribes, and Marcus Buckingham’s book, The Truth About You. Marcus wrote the foreword for Jenifer Fox’s book, Your Child Strengths, one of my earliest Words To Mouth interviewsTribes

Maybe Seth and/or Marcus will come on TruthWords To Mouth if you all are interested.

Leave a comment below and if there’s enough feedback, maybe we can entice them to come chat or at least offer up a book for our giveway.Seth

In the least, check out their websites, read about their books, and listen to C.C. Chapman’s show ~ You WON’T be disappointed.CCManaginggray

Dr. Tina B. Tessina, Ph.D., L.M.F.T., author of Money, Sex, and Kids and The Commuter Marriage (audio interview)

Fair Warning:  We talk about SEX, Baby…
So, you may want to listen with your earbuds if younger ears are nearby. **Scroll down and click on gray arrow to listen.

TinaDr. Tina Tessina Ph.D., L.M.F.T, aka Dr. Romance, has been married 26 years and has over 30 years counseling experience. Join us as we have a casual honest conversation about money, sex, and kids–all possible stumbling blocks to a healthy happy marriage.

Money, Sex, and Kids: Stop Fighting About the Three Things That Can Ruin Your Marriage  explores how to develop a relationship infrastructure to help us view our marriage as a partnership and learn to talk to one another and bring up difficult subjects in a way that won’t end up in a fight. Dr. Tessina offers insight, real-life scenarios, and practical solutions to the everyday challenges of married life. She says, “With a little information and practice, you can become a successful, happy couple. You’ll learn to understand why you and your partner argue and the remaining skills you need to enhance your relationship and transform your struggles into working together to create a smoothly working partnership. You’ll be able to resolve your issues about money, sex, and kids, and move on to having a workable, satisfying relationship, with minimal or no arguing or fighting.”

Dr. Tessina’s Words of Wisdom:

  • “Part of marriage is teaching each other–you get to teach each other what works for you.”
  • “If you develop partnership, your marriage is gonna work. If you develop an antagonistic relationship, then your marriage will struggle…and eventually you’ll probably get tired of the struggle.”
  • “Think about your struggles as “problems to be solved” rather than who’s right and who’s wrong.”
  • “Sex is supposed to be fun. It’s not supposed to be a drag.”

Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing, Mignon Fogarty (audio interview)

Grammar Girl**Scroll down and click the gray arrow to listen to the interview

As a technical writer and editor, Mignon Fogarty realized she repeatedly encountered the same grammatical errors. While sitting in a coffee shop one morning, a light bulb moment led Mignon to creating the Grammar Girl concept–a weekly podcast with memory tricks and fixes for the most common grammatical mishaps. Little did she know, what started out as a hobby for Mignon would quickly turn into a whole new career path.

Within a couple weeks, Grammar Girl topped iTunes featured podcasts and just a few months later, the Wall Street Journal chose Grammar Girl as its web pick of the day, and then…Mignon found herself sitting on Oprah Winfrey’s coveted couch–What a whirlwind! Can’t you just picture Grammar Girl as a super hero, complete with cape and tights, flying high above to rid the world of our grammar woes?

Since then, Grammar Girl evolved into an entire Quick and Dirty network with a variety of podcasts providing tips on parenting, etiquette, and personal productivity.

GGbookOn July 8th Mignon’s first in-print book, Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing, hit bookshelves and online book distributors. The book is a writing companion MUST for everyone from business professionals, bloggers, published authors, to folks who wouldn’t dream of writing anything beyond email to co-workers or friends. Listen in on the interview to hear the author talk about the book and her grammar quest in her own words.

Dr. Romance Coming to Words To Mouth ~ Ask Your Questions NOW!

Just a real quick post to let you know I’ll be recording a show with Dr. Romance, Dr. Tina Tessina, Ph.D., L.M.F.T. on Monday, June 30th. 

Dr. Romance is a licensed psychotherapist with 30 years counseling experience, both individuals and couples. She’s published 13 books in 16 languages, including her latest releases, Money, Sex and Kids: Stop Fighting About the Three Things That Can Ruin Your Marriage and The Commuter Marriage: Keep Your Relationship Close While You’re Far Apart.Tina

So…just post your questions below, send me an email at, or call (206) 309–7318 and leave a voice mail message I can play on air and we’ll get Dr. Romance’s opinion.

Dr. Carmen Harra, The Trinity of Health

Listen NowI’ve had this interview with Dr. Carmen Harra in my “back pocket” for a while now. She is an interesting and accomplished woman–a renowned psychologist, metaphysical intuitive, licensed hypnotherapist, astrologist, numerologist, singer/songwriter, and radio personality. We ended up jumping from topic to topic–addictions, negative emotions, diet, nutrition & health, recipes, alternative medicine, politics, spirituality, future predictions, unconditional love–and before I knew it, we had close to an hour of recording. Some of her predictions were mind-blowing. Wait ’til you hear who she predicts to win the presidential 2008 election! It will be interesting to look back in November and see if she’s right!My intent was to split this into two shows with a separate book excerpt, but as is often the case with my life, it got crazy-busy. I couldn’t find the time to do the appropriate editing before leaving on my mission trip to Africa, so I’ve gone ahead and posted the interview in its entirety. You are welcome to listen to it in small chunks if that helps, but I hope it tides you over until my return.Dr. Harra and I come from different backgrounds and I’ve had little exposure to some of the spiritual beliefs she embraces. That being said, I respect and appreciate her loving spirit. See her website for her detailed bio.

A little side story for you:
I initially met Dr. Carmen Harra on a talk show and asked her what her thoughts were about my then career path and the other Internet talk show I participate in,
TheDivaCast. I’ve been a freelance writer, but at that particular time, I was working as a Patient Liaison and hadn’t mentioned my writing experience. Dr. Carmen asked me if I had written a book. Though I had started three separate novels, I was embarrassed to admit I hadn’t finished one. She told me she saw me behind a microphone promoting a book. I left her thinking, “Geese, I better get cracking on one of these books, so I can get out on my book tour!” Ha. This was back in October 2007 before I ever had an inkling of starting this author interview talk show, Words To Mouth.

A few months later, Tom Royce, a friend and mentor of mine, suggested I merge my writing and recording experience to create an author interview blog & talk show and I thought, “Why not?” It wasn’t until another friend, Marilyn Haas of arts & expressions magazine, came up with my logo and I looked at it for the first time that I remembered the words of Dr. Carmen Harra ~ GOOSE BUMPS. Take a peek at that logo in the upper right-hand side of my website. Dr. Carmen Harra knew on some level about Words to Mouth before I ever dreamed about it…To me, no matter your belief stystem, this is FASCINATING stuff!


**I will post our latest FREE book winners when I return from Africa.

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Thank you to Natalie Brown for You Gotta Believe from the Podsafe Music Network.

Find out more about Dr. Carmen Harra and her books at

Holly Buchanan, co-author with Michele Miller of The Soccer Mom Myth

The Soccer Mom Myth: Today’s Female Consumer: Who She Really Is, Why She Really Buys

**Holly’s offered TWO books for the FREE book drawing, so ENTER NOW!

HollyHolly Buchanan is a Senior Persuasion Architect at FutureNow, an interactive marketing optimization company based in New York. She’s worked with hundreds of clients in all advertising mediums, including global brands like GE Healthcare, HP, Genworth Financial, and 1-800-Flowers.  Her specialty is marketing to women online and she writes the MARKETING TO WOMEN section of Future Now’s blog

Carrie:  If stereotyping helps you better understand your audience why is it so harmful to your marketing efforts?

Holly:  Stereotypes are shortcuts we use to try to better understand a group of people. The danger of stereotypes is they prevent you from digging deeper to really understand who she really is. The term Soccer Mom is a stereotype. You can look at a group of women and say, “They’re moms; they’re involved with their kids; they drive a minivan or SUV.”  Because they share these three traits, you start to assume other things like: They’re not very technologically savvy; they’re not business travelers; they let their husband make all the financial decisions. That’s a big problem, since women are the majority purchasers of consumer electronics, they make up almost 50% of all business travelers, and they want to be a very active partner, if not leader, in family finances and investments.   By stereotyping your customers, you may be making assumptions that aren’t true. (Don’t forget a lot of “Soccer Moms” are single.  Almost a quarter of all households are headed by a single woman.)
Another problem with the “Soccer Mom” stereotype is that it is a negative stereotype.   Some people give me push-back on that, but let me ask you this:  Would you want a “Soccer Mom” running your major corporation?   Would you seek out a “Soccer Mom” at a cocktail party for exciting conversation? Would you actively recruit a “Soccer Mom” to head up your technology team?  I think that’s why so many women avoid that label.

Carrie:  How can you tap into the power of the Internet to market to women?

Holly:  In a recent study by the University of Glasgow, they found that men preferred websites designed by men, and women preferred websites designed by women.  So while I’m not saying you have to use a woman to design your website, at least make sure you have women on the team.  Women and men may respond differently to different design elements. Women often have more questions than men do (In the book we discuss women’s brain chemistry which explains why this is so). The Internet is an amazing source of information where women can get those questions answered. More than 70% of all purchases start with a search online, whether the product is bought online or offline. Also, women rely more on “word of mouth” to make their buying decisions.  The Internet is a treasure trove of blogs, customer reviews, and discussion forums where she can gather opinions from others. These are just a few of the reasons why women are having a love affair with the Internet.

Carrie:  Do women process advertising messages differently than men?

Holly:  MRI studies show that when men and women experience pleasure and fear, different parts of their brains light up. So, they literally process advertising messages in a slightly different manner. Women and men also have different communication styles. Messages and humor that appeal to men may not necessarily appeal to women. I’ve done some informal research on how men and women interpret the same image. It’s been amazing how they look at the same image in a print ad and walk away with very different interpretations. So, it’s really important to understand how she is receiving your advertising messages. Once again, you want to make sure you are including women on your advertising teams, from initial strategy all the way through copywriting and production.

Carrie:  How do you market to women without turning off men?

Holly: Here’s the really good news. Women often have more criteria that matters to them when making a buying decision. Because of all the connections in their brain, they often look at the big picture and will notice any inconsistencies. Companies have found that when they meet the higher expectations of women, they create a better experience for men as well. The one thing you do have to be careful of is creating a “women’s only” section of your website, product offering or service. You don’t want to exclude men. If women really do have unique needs that are different from men, then it’s fine to create those spaces for them. But you never want your male customers to feel left out.  There’s a wonderful do-it-yourself home improvement site called Be Jane.  They feature stories of women and step-by-step instructions for home improvement projects. They are very supportive of “first-timers.” What they’ve found is, there are a lot of men who love their clear, simple, “don’t be intimidated – you can do it.” information. One final thought on that – Do not create ads that are derogatory to men.  Women don’t like it.  Women don’t react as well to “put-down” humor. Don’t think that bashing men is a way to instantly connect with her. It could really backfire on you.  Show her images and messages that are relevant to her and her life. Right now close to 70% of women say advertising aimed at them doesn’t speak to them. So there’s a huge opportunity here.

Book Excerpt:

The room was a marketer’s dream, filled with educated, savvy women with money and the urge to spend it. Holly asked a pointed question: “How many of you in the room consider yourself a Soccer Mom?” The silence reached a crescendo and nary a hand rose.
Every time Holly asks that question, usually only one or two women raise their hands. The numbers never change. Normally, only one to two percent of the crowd identifies themselves as a Soccer Mom. If you listen to marketers and politicians, there are millions upon millions of Soccer Moms out there, yet we’ve found only about seven.  
What’s going on here? Why aren’t more women identifying themselves as Soccer Moms? Come on, there’s nothing wrong with being a Soccer Mom, right? Right?
If women don’t consider themselves Soccer Moms, what does that say about the effectiveness (or ineffectiveness) of billions of dollars of advertising aimed at this group? 
It’s time for a wake-up call about who today’s female consumer really is, how she really thinks, and why she really buys – both online and offline. Prepare to kick the Soccer Mom myth to the sidelines, and learn how to market to women in a way that translates into more customers, AND bigger profit.


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