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Enrich Your Personal Life by Rethinking Your Financial Life

ONOFrom Marc’s ONO website…

ONO is a Business Book with a Soul

If you find yourself wanting more time for the things that matter in life—spouse, children, a “higher purpose,” or a hobby you’re passionate about, you want ONO.

Too many financial obligations make the juicy things in life harder to have.  Options, on the other hand, make them all possible.  You get to pick.  It’s delicious and available to anyone at any income level.

ONO will teach you the mastery levels of Family First Entrepreneurial thinking which will create options in your life.  It will show you how to maintain a work-life balance.  ONO gives busy moms and dads the permission they need to love their families more than their jobs – yet still create financial independence.  Our children spell love T-I-M-E.  Sadly, we have to buy that time.  ONO will show you how.

If you’re tired of not having a plan that shows promise of breaking loose from the burden of life’s financial obligations.   You want ONO.  At the end of life it will be the people we love, the places we saw, and how we grew as humans that we will remember.  ONO will be your blueprint to create the time and money for all of these.

ONO will help you to:

  • Learn the true definition of wealth
  • Realize the power of building relationships
  • Limit lifestyle to create options
  • Discover how to live the Family First Entrepreneurial lifestyle

Through ONO, Marc Warnke will be introducing to you both a lifestyle and a path to follow that will allow money to create wealth and produce positive changes in your life. If fears about having enough money were no longer a part of our daily decisions, we would be free to focus on something greater than ourselves. We could devote energy to a Higher Purpose, whether it was spending a lot more time with our children, volunteering to do church work, helping kids learn to read, donating time, effort or money to a favorite cause, or even shoveling rhino poop at the zoo.If you find yourself wanting more time for the things that matter in life—spouse, children, a “higher purpose,” or a hobby you’re passionate about, you want ONO.


Marc ONO

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  • The Shack, William P. Young (Bonus: Jeff Shephard Band’s Song, Traffic Lights)

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    “I truly believe we are as sick as the secrets we keep,” shares Paul.

    “It’s all about relationship, not religion”

    ShackDescription (Amazon):
    Mackenzie Allen Philips’ youngest daughter, Missy, has been abducted during a family vacation and evidence that she may have been brutally murdered is found in an abandoned shack deep in the Oregon wilderness. Four years later in the midst of his Great Sadness, Mack receives a suspicious note, apparently from God, inviting him back to that shack for a weekend. Against his better judgment he arrives at the shack on a wintry afternoon and walks back into his darkest nightmare. What he finds there will change Mack’s world forever. In a world where religion seems to grow increasingly irrelevant “The Shack” wrestles with the timeless question, “Where is God in a world so filled with unspeakable pain?” The answers Mack gets will astound you and perhaps transform you as much as it did him. You’ll want everyone you know to read this book!

    Some of Paul’s “future tripping” blog post ~ a term now part of my common vernacular among friends:
    A couple of years ago, I decided to stop ‘future tripping’.  ‘Future Tripping’ is ‘taking thought for tomorrow’, it is creating imaginations of what is going to happen and then actually take a mental and emotional trip to live there for a bit.  It is ‘what am I going to do if _________ (fill in the blank), what am I going to say if __________, what would our family go through if _____________.  I confess to you that I have experienced many un-realities and their attendant emotions this way.  Paul

    I have repeatedly suffered huge financial losses, ended up living under one of the city bridges, been abandoned by my family, suffered the loss of each of my children, had my closest friends turn out to be villains, embarrassed myself in public, was put on the spot and said something stupid, been to my own funeral (more than once), unsuccessfully tried to stop something horrible from happening, failed repeatedly to live up to somebody’s expectations, been horribly maimed in every kind of imaginable accident known to man, lost all my teeth, lost every job I ever had, came down with every disease possible, regularly looked like an idiot, got my lights punched out for no reason, explained my driving to a police officer, lost my friends, went to school and found out I wasn’t wearing anything, got mugged, imagined the situation that I currently was in was permanent…that nothing could ever or would ever change…

    …you get the idea.  I have written volumes of imaginations in my own head, things that have no substance, no reality, and are empty, vain imaginations.  But I treat them as if they are real.  I feel all kinds of terrifying and horrible emotions, and scramble to control my life so that these imaginations won’t actually come to pass.  THESE IMAGINATIONS ARE NOT REAL!!!!  But I had spent most of my life in or around them.  GOD DOES NOT DWELL IN ANYTHING THAT IS NOT REAL!!!  In these imaginations, Papa is conspicuously absent.  Why?  Because Papa has no interest in living inside something that isn’t even real to begin with.  So in my ‘vain’ empty imaginations, I am the only ‘god’ there is.  I have to fix things, make sure things turn out right, try to get a handle on people and events…and frankly, I do a very poor job of it…this playing god thing.  So, my life tended to be gripped by fear and I worked hard to get some ‘control’ to prevent these imaginations that I feared.  I had a habit of treating something that had no reality or substance as if it were truly real.

    A couple years ago I stopped this insanity.  And here is what I discovered.  JOY has a name (for more…visit Paul’s wonderful blog website).

    Jeff Shephard Band ~ Visit the website and hear Traffic Lights and the rest of the band’s repetoire for Free ~ add it to your Myspace profile.


    He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not by Trish Ryan (audio Quick & Wordy interview)

    Trish**Scroll down and click gray button to listen to interview

    As you may be aware, I originally posted a review on He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not (see earlier post) and Trish and I went back-and-forth a bit  in conversation on our blogs. Some of you provided some great listener/viewer comments, so I went ahead and asked Trish to be on the show.

    Initially, this interview started out as a Quick & Wordy, but ended up not-so-quick.

    I am one to go-with-the-flow and that’s what I’ve done here. I didn’t want to cut our conversation short, just because I was trying to be…well, short. So, if it ended up being a bit longer than you would have preferred for a Quick & Wordy, my apologies…I’m a firm believer in letting things take us where they may.

    Trish was so willing to open up and share herself with us and I wanted to give her ample opportunity. I realize I shared my spiritual beliefs and I hope that is okay and not a turn-off for you…just simply that, my beliefs, without judgments on anyone else’s beliefs. Regardless, I enjoyed my conversation with Trish and getting to know her and I hope you will as well.

    Feel free to post or email comments for Trish and I’ll make sure she gets them ~ Let’s start a conversation!

    To win a FREE copy of Trish’s He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not, leave a comment below or call 206-309-7318 and leave a voice mail I can play on-air. If I don’t already have your mailing address, send it to me at Carrie@WordsToMouth.com.

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    He Loves Me, He Loves Me NOT, a memoir of finding faith, hope, and happily ever after by Trish Ryan (review / ruminations)

    TrishWhen I first read the book jacket on He Loves Me, He Loves Me NOT (HLMHLMN), I thought I was in for some light-hearted chick lit or a God on a Harley type ride. Trish Ryan’s desperate hubby hunt turned faith quest ended up far more meaningful than finding Prince Charming.

    Spirituality/Religion can be a heavy topic and can put many a reader on the defense, but Trish reveals her journey with such candor and humor, I, for one, walked away appreciating her process. 

    In her twenties, Trish threw around the common disclaimer that she was “spiritual, but not religious.” She embraced everything from A Course in Miracles, astrology, tarot cards, feng shui, crystals, chakras, Native American spirituality–you name it, she tried it. If she hadn’t already made her choice, you better bet, Trish would be first in line to buy Oprah’s Book Club pick, Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth Awakening To Your Life’s Purpose.  With painful self-dissection and heartache, all that changed…

    Even if you’re not exploring enlightenment, you can glean clarity from Trish’s memoir. I appreciate her willingness to allow us a glimpse into her spiritual and psychological trenches–she admits her insecurities and speaks openly about the dreaded “D-word,” depression. Don’t be detered–HLMHLMN is by no means a downer. Think Sex in The City meets Women of Faith  ~ Trish’s relentless self-effacing humor inspires quick page turning.

    I doubt we’ll find many people, especially women, who won’t find themselves relating to Trish, at least on some level. She reminds me of our tendency to project our ideals onto our latest man crush–the biggest trap we can set for ourselves. Instead of seeing others–specifically, prospective mates–for what they truly are, we throw our notions of perfection at them in hopes they’ll stick, so we’ll finally find our elusive soul mate glazed in shiny flawlessness. Then, “Life Happens,” and inevitably things heat up and that glaze begins to melt, slowly dripping off to reveal the faulty individual underneath…and we’re left with our disappointment wondering “What happened? Why did THEY change? I appreciate Trish’s comitment to digging deep in HLMHLMN to determine that the hole she thought she could fill with a man truly could not be satiated by someone of this world.

    I must admit, I was left wanting her to explore just a bit more:

    1. WHY she had such a deep sense of insecurity in the first place ~ From her account, she comes from a strong Catholic in-tact loving family–anything BUT dysfunctional compared to today’s standards–so where does this deep internal abyss originate? Without God, does that unfillable hole reside in us all? 
    2. Like Trish, in my twenties, I fell into the trap of thinking my boyfriend could complete me . On page 26 of HLMHLMN she admits: Dating Josh marked an evolution for me: it was my first experience with lying about who I was and what I wanted, of guessing what a guy wanted and then pretending to be eactly that.” That was me. I didn’t know myself or what I wanted and I thought finding a guy would fill that void–in was unconscious, unintentional. After reading HLMHLMN, I found myself wanting Trish to explore her own individual passions and purpose apart from her quest for landing a man. Hmmm, maybe visiting her website will provide those answers. You can also visit Trish’s Forty Days of Faith website.

    Just a sidenote:  As a young twenty-something “yankee,” living very much like Trish–very defensive to condescending “Christianese.” I had a number of Born Agains hit me with well-intended phrases like “Don’t you want to be washed in the blood of the lamb?” and “My heart is burdened for your salvation” ~ Huh? That, quite frankly, felt far from loving–only sanctimonious–and turned me OFF from Christianity. It’s no wonder Christianity gets a bad rap these days. Conversely, I think Trish does a superb job of articulating the Christian tenets in a nonthreatening conversational tone–very much like a discussion you may have with a nonjudgmental loving girlfriend. Admittedly, I’ve lived in the southern Bible Belt for nearly fifteen years now and embrace the Christian perspective, so maybe I’m immune at this point, but I’d be interested to hear how you receive Trish’s message.

    What are your impressions? Let’s start a conversation…

    Bottom line: HLMHLMN obviously evokes much introspection. I recommend it and would love to hear your thoughts on the book and the points I’ve raised in this post.

    Call (206) 309-7318 or leave a comment below to share! I have one copy of HLMHLMN that I’ll throw in the giveaway hat…Let me know if you want to be entered to win or click the link below and buy NOW.

    Dr. Carmen Harra, The Trinity of Health

    Listen NowI’ve had this interview with Dr. Carmen Harra in my “back pocket” for a while now. She is an interesting and accomplished woman–a renowned psychologist, metaphysical intuitive, licensed hypnotherapist, astrologist, numerologist, singer/songwriter, and radio personality. We ended up jumping from topic to topic–addictions, negative emotions, diet, nutrition & health, recipes, alternative medicine, politics, spirituality, future predictions, unconditional love–and before I knew it, we had close to an hour of recording. Some of her predictions were mind-blowing. Wait ’til you hear who she predicts to win the presidential 2008 election! It will be interesting to look back in November and see if she’s right!My intent was to split this into two shows with a separate book excerpt, but as is often the case with my life, it got crazy-busy. I couldn’t find the time to do the appropriate editing before leaving on my mission trip to Africa, so I’ve gone ahead and posted the interview in its entirety. You are welcome to listen to it in small chunks if that helps, but I hope it tides you over until my return.Dr. Harra and I come from different backgrounds and I’ve had little exposure to some of the spiritual beliefs she embraces. That being said, I respect and appreciate her loving spirit. See her website www.CarmenHarra.com for her detailed bio.

    A little side story for you:
    I initially met Dr. Carmen Harra on a talk show and asked her what her thoughts were about my then career path and the other Internet talk show I participate in,
    TheDivaCast. I’ve been a freelance writer, but at that particular time, I was working as a Patient Liaison and hadn’t mentioned my writing experience. Dr. Carmen asked me if I had written a book. Though I had started three separate novels, I was embarrassed to admit I hadn’t finished one. She told me she saw me behind a microphone promoting a book. I left her thinking, “Geese, I better get cracking on one of these books, so I can get out on my book tour!” Ha. This was back in October 2007 before I ever had an inkling of starting this author interview talk show, Words To Mouth.

    A few months later, Tom Royce, a friend and mentor of mine, suggested I merge my writing and recording experience to create an author interview blog & talk show and I thought, “Why not?” It wasn’t until another friend, Marilyn Haas of arts & expressions magazine, came up with my logo and I looked at it for the first time that I remembered the words of Dr. Carmen Harra ~ GOOSE BUMPS. Take a peek at that logo in the upper right-hand side of my website. Dr. Carmen Harra knew on some level about Words to Mouth before I ever dreamed about it…To me, no matter your belief stystem, this is FASCINATING stuff!

    **PLEASE SHARE YOUR IMPRESSIONS OF THIS INTERVIEW AND FEEL FREE TO TELL US YOUR STORY ~ HAVE YOU EVER HAD A SIMILAR EXPERIENCE?  Call 206-309-7318 or email Carrie@WordsToMouth.com to leave comments/suggestions.

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    Find out more about Dr. Carmen Harra and her books at www.CarmenHarra.com.

    Debbie Gisonni, author of The Goddess of Happiness (audio author interview)

    2007 Debbie GisonniDebbie Gisonni, author of The Goddess of Happiness–a perfect inspirational “girlfriend gift” book.

    I had the pleasure of speaking with Debbie Gisonni about her journey through tragic family loss to finding the meaning of happiness in intentional living and balance. She is a delight and her sincerity shines through in the joy in which she conveys her life philosophy and her mission to share happiness with others. Debbie’s book provides practical tips and affirmations on living a more authentically happy life.

    Check out Debbie’s website at www.goddessofhappiness.com where you can take a Happiness quiz and find a link to her blog. You can also read her memoir, Vita’s Will.

    Please leave your comments below. If you’d like to enter a drawing to win a free copy of Debbie’s books, email Carrie@WordsToMouth.com and put either “Vita’s Will” or “Goddess of Happiness” in the subject heading.

    The 7 Pitfalls of Single Parenting – What to Avoid to Help Your Children Thrive After Divorce, Carolyn Ellis

    Carolyn B. Ellis is the author of The 7 Pitfalls of Single Parenting: What to Avoid to Help Your Children Thrive After Divorce. I had the opportunity to interview her both in this post and in an audio interview here. Enjoy!

    Carolyn-ellisCarrie:  Why did you decide to start the Thrive After Divorce movement?
    Carolyn:  My mission to help other separated and divorced individuals thrive after divorce came out of my own divorce journey. When I separated after a 20-year relationship, I was scared, overwhelmed and uncertain as to what my life could look like as a divorced woman with three young children. I felt ashamed that one of the most critical relationships in my life failed, and I knew I didn’t want my children to get caught in any conflict between their parents.

    Most of the people I knew who’d been divorced were still angry and bitter years later, and I didn’t want to end up like that. I knew that I wanted to find a way other than simply “getting through” my divorce and surviving my emotional wounds. I wanted to see how I could learn and grow, and possibly even turn this into a positive experience.

    So I started to ask myself better questions. Instead of asking “Why me?” I started to ask myself “What can I learn here?” Instead of assuming one can only survive a divorce, I became passionate about finding out how one can thrive after divorce, and it’s from that quest this movement was born.

    Carrie:  How did you thrive after your divorce?
    Carolyn:  The first thing I did was to make a decision. I vowed that I would do whatever it took to heal my heart so that I could be the best mother I could possibly be for my children. I committed to keeping my children’s best interests first and foremost in all of my decisions and actions. The second thing I did was to stay open to learning. After reading “Spiritual Divorce” by New York Times best-selling author Debbie Ford, I started training with her as a master integrative coach and then as a spiritual divorce coach.

    The third thing I did was to learn to love and trust myself. This led me to explore many new experiences and paths that I never thought would be possible for me, such as writing a book or helping to train hundreds of people around the world to become integrative coaches. I learned to listen and trust my own intuition, rather than looking to others to validate my decisions or feelings.

    The Goddess of Happiness: A Down-to-Earth Guide to Heavenly Balance and Bliss, Debbie Gisonni

              2007 Debbie Gisonni  Debbie Gisonni, Author

    Carrie: Debbie, what inspired you to write this book?

    Debbie:  The Goddess of Happiness is my second book, but it was my first book and the experiences I wrote about in that one that inspired me to write The Goddess of Happiness.  In my former career, I spent 15 years selling, managing, and launching computer magazines.  In fact, I had a nearly perfect life:  a lucrative career, a great husband, a home of our own.  But, while I was climbing the corporate ladder, the family I grew up in was crumbling.  First, my mother, Vita, got a brain tumor in 1984 leaving her permanently disabled.  Then, a few years later, my younger sister committed suicide at 23 years old.  A few months after that, my father was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a form of bone cancer, and then, my favorite aunt got breast cancer. All 4 of them would die in a 4 year period between 1990-1994.  Vita was the last to go after battling her illness for ten years. 

    In the aftermath of it all, I decided to leave the corporate world behind and I wrote a book about my family ordeal called Vita’s Will, Real Life Lessons about Life, Death & Moving On.  During that process of writing, I began healing and surrendering to life rather than trying to control it, and a happier and lighter version of me started to emerge.  I learned that no matter what was happening outside of me, I had the power within me to be happy, and that’s how the book, The Goddess of Happiness, came about.

    Carrie: What is the primary message you’d like your readers to take way from this book?

    Debbie:  That the purpose of your life is to be happy.  You are here to live your life with joy.  It’s that simple.  That’s your destiny.  You have the power within you to choose happiness over suffering.  Everything in life is about

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