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The Elegant Gathering of White Snows, Kris Radish

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Just after midnight in a small town in Wisconsin, eight women begin walking together down a rural highway. Career women, housewives, mothers, divorcées, and one ex-prom queen, they are close friends who have been meeting every Thursday night for years, sharing food, wine, and their deepest secrets. But on this particular Thursday, Susan, Alice, Chris, Sandy, Gail, Mary, Joanne, and Janice decide to disappear from their own lives.

Their spontaneous pilgrimage attracts national attention and inspires other women from all across the country. As the miles fall away and the women forge ahead on their backroads odyssey — leaving small miracles in their wake–each of their histories unfolds, tales of shattered dreams and unexpected renewal, of thwarted love affairs and precious second chances. In luminous, heartwarming prose, Kris Radish deftly interweaves the women’s intimate confessions into the story of their brave, history-making walk.

Carrie’s Conversation with Kris Radish

Carrie:  What inspired you to write THE ELEGANT GATHERING OF WHITE SNOWS?
Kris:  I was a full-time journalist and had written two non-fiction books.
It was time.  I had worlds of experience inside of me from my life’s work and wanted a story that was passionate, inspiring, and very real. So I asked the universe to bring me a story.  And BAM! I was reading the newspaper and there was a story about a group of women who were inspired one night to go on a walking pilgrimage.  The story I wrote absolutely flew into my heart.

Carrie:  In general, how does an idea for a book come to you ~ Does it perk slowly in your mind or does it come in a flash?
It depends.  Usually the idea drops inside of me like a hot brick and I run screaming into my office.  I’m serious! (Well, not always!)  Then it fans out from there and once the main character has a face and voice….there is no stopping me.  Really good red wine helps also!!

Carrie:  Give us an idea of the plot without giving too much away?
A group of women, all friends, all different, meet weekly to talk and share lives—each one harboring a secret, loss, love, desire, ache. When one woman shares a very serious secret the women spontaneously decide to walk out of their lives and when they do that – walking, sharing, touching other lives – miracles abound.  It is a story of friendship, love, loss, and finally liberation.

Carrie:  What is the primary message you’d like your readers to take away from THE ELEGANT GATHERING OF WHITE SNOWS?

Debba Haupert, author of The New Book of Image Transfer

Transfer by Debba HaupertI met Debba Haupert at Podcamp Nashville. She’s an extraordinary woman and the creator of ~ A place for inspiration, appreciation, and celebration of girlfriends. Little did I know at the time, Debba is also the author of a popular craft book on image transfer. I’m honored to help her promote her book and her efforts in new media. Take a moment to read our conversation and if you’re interested in hearing her turn the tables and interview me, check out Girlfriendology (on iTunes).

Carrie:  What inspired you to write this book?

Debba:  After leaving a corporate job, I followed my creative passion and went into the craft/hobby industry. With a marketing background, I soon was working with craft companies on newsletters, promotions, and PR. I started working with Lazertran, an image transfer paper company out of Wales. At an industry tradeshow, I taught a class on doing image transfer. The acquisitions editor for Lark Books was in the class and asked me to write a book on it! I will add that the product is very inspiring. It does allow you to put a custom image on pretty much any surface – ceramics, paper, wood, glass, fabric, etc. It was a blast to write the book and get to see what new techniques I could come up with!

Carrie:   What is the primary message you’d like your readers to take away from this book?

DebbaDebba:   There isn’t enough instruction and inspiration available on television any more – the Carol Duvall Show (craft show on HGTV and DIY) is no longer taping.* There aren’t any general crafts magazines so books are the best resource for technique and inspiration. I was able to demonstrate some of the projects from the book on the Carol Duvall show and in magazines which was a wonderful way to show people how to combine technology (image creation – photoshop, using photographs, etc.) with craft (surfaces and techniques).

Carrie:   Tell us about your writing process.

Debba:  Funny, it seems like writing a craft book would be easy and fun. It was fun, but it wasn’t easy! You have to go back and forth with the editor to approve projects, send in chapters on an aggressive timeline, etc. One of the fun parts was the photo shoot. I went to Asheville, NC for a week to take all the images for the book. The Lark Books editors and photo crew were fabulous, especially the talented Terry Taylor–That means you have to have multiple sets of projects in various stages of completion. If the photo doesn’t work out, you have to have another example to use, so there is a lot of prep before the photo shoot.

Carrie:   The process of writing a book is not easy, to say the least. What motivated you to keep going, especially in those times when it was far from convenient to write?

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