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Seth Godin and Marcus Buckingham’s New Books!

MarcusIf you’re interested in personal growth and advancing your career, check out a recent Managing the Gray podcast where C.C. Chapman talks about Seth Godin’s newest book, Tribes, and Marcus Buckingham’s book, The Truth About You. Marcus wrote the foreword for Jenifer Fox’s book, Your Child Strengths, one of my earliest Words To Mouth interviewsTribes

Maybe Seth and/or Marcus will come on TruthWords To Mouth if you all are interested.

Leave a comment below and if there’s enough feedback, maybe we can entice them to come chat or at least offer up a book for our giveway.Seth

In the least, check out their websites, read about their books, and listen to C.C. Chapman’s show ~ You WON’T be disappointed.CCManaginggray

Your Child’s Strengths, Jenifer Fox

Listen NowJenifer Fox, author of Your Child’s Strengths, is not your everyday woman. She’s on a mission to change the world through changing our education system. Are you frustrated with the current focus on standardized testing and “fixing” kids’ weaknesses? Well, take a listen as Jenifer explains the Strengths Movement and details her critically acclaimed book, Your Child’s Strengths. Her passion is palpable ~ she is dedicated to finding better ways to engage, prepare, and equip today’s kids, so they can become tomorrow’s productive citizens ~ confident adults who know who they are, what their purpose is, and how they can make a difference in the world.

Your Child’s Strengths provides parents, teachers, and schools clear and practical direction for building upon children’s strengths.

JeniferFox2Jenifer Fox says:
“In a purely economic way, businesses are the end users of the products of the educational system. Unless the schools can train and develop multitudes of talents and strengths in children, business will not have a good stem-line of employees. Developing strengths is not a feel-good, false praise program. Instead it is challenging. The premise behind it is that if you see what your strengths are in your relationships, your activities and your own learning, then they become your responsibility to develop them. That is a big responsibility that takes work and dedication. So businesses have an economic interest in an educational system focused on strengths. It is my belief that because they hold this interest, they can become persuaded to use their influence to help change the current educational system. This can happen on many different levels and be taken up as part of any corporation’s social responsibility program. Many businesses today have thriving social responsibility programs. What better place to focus than on developing strengths? Ultimately, it will be a win-win for families, businesses and most importantly, the children.”

The Strengths Movement philosophy can be implemented not only in schools, but after-school programs, church youth programs, boys and girls clubs, camps, social services,even the juvenile justice system, and most importantly, at home.

Come join the conversation and maybe you, too, will then join the Strengths Movement ~ Then, again—maybe not. Let us hear your feedback on what you think about the book, the interview, the movement. Call 206–309–7318 with feedback, post a comment, or email

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Jenifer Fox, M. Ed., author of Your Child’s Strengths

Carrie:  What is the premise of YOUR CHILD’S STRENGTHS?

Jenifer:  The premise of YOUR CHILD’S STRENGTHS is that when you focus on developing and utilizing children’s strengths rather than spending all your time trying to fix, or remediate weaknesses, they grow up to be happier, healthier and more productive citizens.  Additionally, the book is a call to action, claiming that the single biggest issue facing America’s future is the education of our young people. The time for change in our educational system is now, and every day more and people see that is the case. I believe the Strengths Movement will play a very important role in the new system that emerges. YOUR CHILD’S STRENGTHS provides parents, teachers and schools clear and practical direction to take in building upon children’s strengths.

Carrie:  How did you come about creating this program? Jenifer Fox

Jenifer:  I have spent twenty-five years as an educator and throughout that time, I have always been a champion for the underdog. This means that where others saw weaknesses in people, I sought out the strengths and was able to find them. When I arrived at Purnell School, the school was failing as a business and I was determined to make it successful, I built a program that turned away from trying to fix what was wrong and sought, instead, to build on the inherent strengths that were in place. This began to work, and because it worked so well, and the school began to thrive, I developed a program that would also work on the students. So, I started to develop it from the outside in. I began by creating a strengths program for the school culture and then wrote the actual four-year curriculum for all of the students to take.

Carrie:  What kind of student were you?

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