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Knit Two, Kate Jacobs ~ Win a free copy of FIVE!

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Knit_Two_by_Kate_JacobsWarning: This is a pretty huge post on Knit Two with a Q&A with Kate Jacobs and a wonderful guest book review from Bonnie from Red Lady’s Reading Room.  


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As some of you may know, Kate Jacob does call-ins to bookclubs all across the country, so if you’re in a bookclub (or know of friends who are), you can sign up to invite Kate to your meeting HERE.

And Kate’s running a contest where she’ll visit your bookclub in person. Sign up HERE

A Conversation with Kate Jacobs

Carrie:  Did you think you’d write a sequel as soon as you finished The Friday Night Knitting Club, or did that decision come later?

Kate:  I was exhausted right after finishing The Friday Night Knitting Club! It was my first novel and I was ready for a good, long nap after all that writing! Though, in all seriousness, I had some other characters rumbling around in my brain and their stories deserved telling. So I wrote Comfort Food. That said, I always had a future mapped out for the members of the knitting club, and, after hearing from so many fans who were eager to know what happens, it didn’t seem fair to just keep it all to myself. Writing this sequel was truly a joy, and I’m excited to share the new book with readers.

Carrie:  Without giving too much away, are there things that will surprise readers in KNIT TWO?Kate Jacobs

Kate:  KNIT TWO is set about five years after the first book, and all of the characters are older and, in some cases, more mature. Dakota is in college now. Though just because we get older doesn’t always make us wiser! There are new friendships between the characters, folks who didn’t know each other as well in the original, and overall the sequel is much more upbeat than the ending of the first book.

Carrie:  Which character do you identify with most strongly? How much of yourself did you put into

Kate Jacobs, author of Comfort Food

Carrie: Your first novel hit a chord with knitters and non-knitters alike and is really popular with book clubs. Is it true that you telephone clubs and talk to readers?

Kate: Yes, I do! The Friday Night Knitting Club is a novel about the importance of friendship in our lives. And it feels fitting that, with a novel about community, I am invited to spend a little time with readers and their personal community of friends. It was so exciting the first time a reader emailed and asked me to telephone her home on club night; what surprised me was just how much we had in common and how much we laughed! Since then, I’ve actively promoted the book club call-ins at and I talk to several clubs each week – women all over the country, of different ages and backgrounds. For the readers, I can answer questions they might have or provide insights into plot twists and the writing process. For me, it’s very enriching to talk to readers – it’s easy to become isolated with your computer all day – and it’s something I plan to continue doing with the readers of my new novel, Comfort Food.

Carrie: What made you decide to make the “foodie” trend the backdrop for your second novel?

Kate: I love cooking shows on TV! I am addicted to Top Chef. Plus I spend a lot of time dreaming about how I want to redo my kitchen (someday, someday!). The truth is that I love good food. There’s something so aspirational about watching a TV cook put together a great dish. But there’s an even more basic element: I have these wonderful memories of going to my grandmother’s house and tucking in to homemade chicken soup, freshly baked buns, fried chicken, and fruit pies that not only had made-from-scratch crusts, but were also made with peaches and cherries grown in her own yard! When I reflect on those family meals, I recall laughter and a tremendous sense of happiness.

Carrie: What is Comfort Food about?

Kate: The story turns on a strong and smart host of a food television program – Augusta “Gus” Simpson – who is staring down at her fiftieth birthday while also dealing with a bold new rival and managing her twentysomething daughters. It’s about food, family, friendships, and overcoming frustrations. You know, I have these two bulletin boards above my desk – right above my Tim Gunn “Make it Work” bobble head doll – and it’s here that I tack up my outlines and my schedule and also little phrases that run through my head as I write. I was very busy, personally and professionally, during the period I was writing Photo-Kate JacobsComfort Food. And I found myself saying, in trying to express my frustrations, that I “had a lot on my plate.” So what do we do when we have a lot on our plates and it feels like too much to do? And so I wrote the following sentence: What’s on your plate is wonderful – you just have to learn to savor the different flavors in each bite. Together it will make up the perfect meal for you, even when you don’t think so. That became a theme of the book. It also became a mantra for me.

Carrie: Your first novel was accompanied by an “alternate reality” website for the fictional yarn shop in The Friday Night Knitting Club. Any plans to have a special website for the cooking show in Comfort Food?

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