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Sue Monk Kidd Coming to Words To Mouth!!

Are you a big fan of Sue Monk Kidd like me?

Sue Monk Kidd Books

When I started Words To Mouth, one of my earliest blog posts talked about the excitement of one of my favorite authors/books coming to the big screen—Sue Monk Kidd’s THE SECRET LIFE OF BEES.  Well, now that same author and her daughter, Anna Kidd Taylor, are coming to Words To Mouth. Sue and Anna, wrote a mother-daugher memoir called TRAVELING WITH POMEGRANATES and have agreed to take a few moments out of their busy book tour to chat with me on SEPTEMBER 10th. I’m beyond thrilled ~ what an honor!

Live from Jordan: Letters Home from My Journey Through the Middle East, Benjamin Orbach

JordanLIVE FROM JORDAN: Letters Home from My Journey Through the Middle East ~ On July 16, 2002, 10 months after the 9/11 attacks, Ben Orbach, a 27-year-old Jewish American from Pittsburgh, left for Amman, Jordan.  The purpose of his trip was to do research on a Jordanian-American trade program, and to expand his budding language skills from Modern Standard Arabic, to the Shami dialect spoken by Jordanians and Palestinians.  He returned in August 2003, four months after the fall of Saddam Hussein’s regime, full of fresh insights, unexpected lessons, and colorful tales from 13 months of living in Jordan and Egypt and traveling throughout the region.

LIVE FROM JORDAN presents slices of life from his adopted neighborhoods in Amman and Cairo, as well as his four-week trip across Turkey and Syria.  Drawing on his private journal and e-mails home, he shares observations, conversations, and encounters with wide-ranging Arab men and women.  

Carrie:  What inspired you to write Live from Jordan? OrbachL

Ben:  When I lived in Jordan and Egypt and I traveled throughout the Middle East, I was struck by the human, everyday stories that I saw on a daily basis and the points of similarity between the people I met and the people I knew back home. When I came home from my year of living this intense experience, I was struck by the disparity between the reality of the people’s lives that I met and the world of unconditional violence that was depicted as daily life on the nightly news. I decided to turn my letters home and journal into a book that would attempt to bridge that gap for people who wanted to know more about the Middle East, but did not know where to begin asking questions.

Carrie:  Tell us about Live from Jordan.

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not by Trish Ryan (audio Quick & Wordy interview)

Trish**Scroll down and click gray button to listen to interview

As you may be aware, I originally posted a review on He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not (see earlier post) and Trish and I went back-and-forth a bit  in conversation on our blogs. Some of you provided some great listener/viewer comments, so I went ahead and asked Trish to be on the show.

Initially, this interview started out as a Quick & Wordy, but ended up not-so-quick.

I am one to go-with-the-flow and that’s what I’ve done here. I didn’t want to cut our conversation short, just because I was trying to be…well, short. So, if it ended up being a bit longer than you would have preferred for a Quick & Wordy, my apologies…I’m a firm believer in letting things take us where they may.

Trish was so willing to open up and share herself with us and I wanted to give her ample opportunity. I realize I shared my spiritual beliefs and I hope that is okay and not a turn-off for you…just simply that, my beliefs, without judgments on anyone else’s beliefs. Regardless, I enjoyed my conversation with Trish and getting to know her and I hope you will as well.

Feel free to post or email comments for Trish and I’ll make sure she gets them ~ Let’s start a conversation!

To win a FREE copy of Trish’s He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not, leave a comment below or call 206-309-7318 and leave a voice mail I can play on-air. If I don’t already have your mailing address, send it to me at

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