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The Second Opinion, Michael Palmer (Asperger’s)

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“Question Everything”

Dr. Thea Sperelakis, diagnosed as a teen with Asperger’s syndrome, has always been an outsider. She has a brilliant medical mind, and a remarkable recall of details, but her difficulty in dealing with hidden agendas and interpersonal conflicts have led her to leave the complex, money-driven dynamics of the hospital, and to embrace working with the poor, embattled  patients of Doctors Without Borders. Her father, Petros, is one of the most celebrated internal medicine specialists in the world, and the founder of the cutting-edge Sperelakis Center for Diagnostic Medicine at Boston’s sprawling, powerful Beaumont Clinic.

Thea’s rewarding life in Africa is turned upside-down when Petros is severely injured by a hit-and-run driver. He is in the Beaumont ICU, in a deep coma. No one thinks he will survive. Thea must return home. Two of Petros’ other children, both physicians, battle Thea and her eccentric brother, Dimitri, by demanding that treatment for their father be withheld.

As Thea uncovers the facts surrounding the disaster, it seems more and more to be no accident. Petros, himself, is the only witness. Who would want him dead? The answers are trapped in his brain . . . until he looks at Thea and begins slowly to blink a terrifying message.Michaelpalmer

In The Second Opinion, Michael Palmer has created a cat-and-mouse game where one woman must confront a conspiracy of doctors to uncover an evil practice that touches every single person who ever has a medical test. With sympathetic characters and twists and betrayals that come from the most unlikely places, The Second Opinion will make you question…everything.


Book Lookout: Daniel James Palmer, Delirium (Michael’s son, just signed a 3-book contract with Kensington)

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The Darkest Night, Ron Franscell, (Quick & Wordy author audio interview)

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THE DARKEST NIGHT (as described on

On a chilly autumn night in 1973, 11-year-old Amy Burridge eagerly rode with her 18-year-old sister, Becky, to a neighborhood grocery store in the small town of Casper, Wyoming. When they finished their shopping, they discovered a flat tire on Becky’s car. Two men politely offered them a ride home. But they were not Good Samaritans.

THE DARKEST NIGHT is an intensely atmospheric portrait of people in a simple and safe place, forever changed by evil. It’s the story of how one violent crime has echoed over decades in a small town. It’s also a story of resilience in the human spirit. Humans were not intended to live behind walls, so we must find our place in a messy world … or not truly live at all.

Carrie:  What inspired you to write THE DARKEST NIGHT?

Ron:  Three weeks after 9/11, I was dispatched by my editors at the Denver Post to wander around the Middle East seeking answers to questions we still haven’t answered fully. On the plane home after a long and exhausting tour-of-duty, I picked up a European news magazine that contained photos of people who leaped from the World Trade Center — the likes of which I had never seen. In one, two people held hands as they plunged to their deaths. Suddenly, I saw in that image two childhood friends of mine who were the victims of a monstrous 1973 crime and who plunged to their deaths from a high, remote bridge near our hometown — which remains palpably haunted by that crime 35 years later.  In them, I saw a story that transcended the small town where I grew up. It also transcended my own personal fears. I was compelled to tell it.

There, in the transatlantic darkness, I began to re-imagine their story as a parable for the Age of Terror, where life can be innocent, virtuous and full one day — and bereft of hope the next. Everything changes. And I’ve learned as a newspaperman that our most important stories often blossom in that brilliant moment between the old times and the new.

I also believe in the power of storytelling. Sometimes it’s helpful for us to have all our memories, fears and dreams collected in one place, where we can easily find them.

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