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Jeff LeJeune, Postmarked Baltimore

LeJeune_Author_Photo[1]I met Jeff LeJeune on GoodReads website, a place where writers and readers can share reviews, recommendations, and most anything. 

A Bit About Jeff LeJeune:  Jeff LeJeune played basketball in high school and then for two seasons at McNeese State University before a deadly disease redirected the course of his life. He is now a professional novelist (The Final Chase and Postmarked Baltimore) and a columnist for Writers News Weekly. He teaches at St. Louis Catholic High School in Lake Charles, LA, where he was recently named a Claes Nobel Educator of Distinction.

Postmarked Baltimore (Book Jacket Summary): On New Year’s Eve, 1989, Father Perry Burns is sitting in his study, accompanied by a mysterious stranger. Perry has just received a letter from his former sweetheart, whom he jilted years earlier after making a terrible decision. He joined the priesthood to hide from his emotions, but now he finds himself recalling, almost reliving, his checkered past. Will the mysterious stranger win the fight for Father Burns’ soul, or will the struggling priest denounce his false life and return to Baltimore to answer to the woman he has always loved?

JC Hutchins, Personal Effects Dark Art (audio interview) Part II

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JC2I first heard of JC Hutchins on CC Chapman’s podcast Managing the Gray. Fortunately, podcast distribution has exposed me to books of varying genres I wouldn’t have otherwise picked off the shelf—and 7th Son is one of them.

First things first: JC is such a positive uplifting guy, before I realized it, we had chatted for over an hour. For those of you who cannot listen for a whole hour, I cut the conversation into two, so you can listen to the first half and then come back for the second whenever it’s convenient. Whatever you do, don’t just disregard the second half. We get into some personal stuff with JC and also chat about his unique approach to building community around his books ~ Good ideas for writers ~ A lot of fun for readers!

JC Hutchins, 7th Son Trilogy (audio interview) Part I

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JCI first heard of JC Hutchins on CC Chapman’s podcast Managing the Gray. Fortunately, podcast distribution has exposed me to books of varying genres I wouldn’t have otherwise picked off the shelf—and 7th Son is one of them.

First things first: JC is such a positive uplifting guy, before I realized it, we had chatted for over an hour. For those of you who cannot listen for a whole hour, I cut the conversation into two, so you can listen to the first half and then come back for the second whenever it’s convenient. Whatever you do, don’t just disregard the second half. We get into some personal stuff with JC and also chat about his unique approach to building community around his books ~ Good ideas for writers ~ A lot of fun for readers!

Susan Mallery, Sweet Talk (audio Quick & Wordy author interview)

SusanmalleryAccording to Susan Mallery, she is quite possibly one of the few authors who can actually understand her royalty statements. She first got into writing romance while studying accounting in college. On a whim, she took a romance novel writing class and her life was thereafter destined for a different course. Though she completed her degree, she never actually worked in the accounting field, but rather got straight into writing romance novels right out of college–publishing her first novel her graduation summer. Now, after almost 100 published books, she most likely needs to hire an accountant to keep her finances in order.

I spoke with Susan not only about her latest release, Sweet Talk, but about what is important to her on a personal level. She responded with one word–Relationships. Her life revolves around relationships, writing, travel, and researching her novels…oh, and her tiny poodle.

Carrie’s Quick & Wordy

Introducing a new Words To Mouth approach for those of you who simply want a  taste of authors and a bite of their books. Quick and Wordy interviews are just brief snippets where I speak to new and seasoned authors about their new releases and a bit about their personal lives and what’s important to them.

My first Quick and Wordy interviews are with Susan Mallery and Carly Phillips, both romance writers, and Trish Ryan will soon follow.

Your  suggestions and recommendations are always welcome. If there is a particular writer you’d like me to  approach about being a guest on Words To Mouth, please feel free to comment on this post or email me at or call 206-309-7318 and talk to me.

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Trust Me, Brenda Novak

Listen NowTrustmeBrenda Novak is a wife and mother of five, a juvenile diabetes research fundraiser, and New York Times BESTselling author. Talk about life-work balance! And…we do!“Dreams really do come true,” says Brenda about landing a spot on the coveted New York Times Bestseller list the day before we chatted! “Congratulations” to Brenda who sold her first book almost a decade to-the-day Trust Me appeared on the print list!

What we chat about:

Even to this day, Brenda admits feeling guilty about not realizing her trusted day-care provider had been drugging her kids with over-the-counter medications to get them to sleep—Every mom’s nightmare. Brenda turned that painful experience positive by choosing a practical way to stay at home with her kids—Writing Books! Having never before put pen to paper, Brenda had a lot to learn about the writing craft and the challenges of her chosen genre—historical romanc, but after five years, her choice paid off.

Listen in as Brenda shares how she got her first novel published by taking advantage of Romance Writers of America (RWA) resources (i.e., contacts, market, and contest information). Since then, she’s moved into romantic thrillers and has published a slew of books including The Last Stand series.Brenda

Joshilyn Jackson, The Girl Who Stopped Swimming

Listen NowTGWSS-772x1200I LOVED this book! Joshilyn (pronounced: “Jocelyn”) Jackson is officially now one of my favorite authors. She’s a friendly high-energy Southern girl and even with her sage advice, “If you can’t be nice, at least be vague,” her level of honesty is downright refreshing.Joshilyn’s not afraid to put it out there, open up, and share her struggles and her fears–some very personal insights about her family and her writing process. Her bubbly positive personality makes her so easy to like you’d never dream she could write so believably about a promiscuous murderess. The Girl Who Stopped Swimming is a book about two sisters with a skeleton in their family closet–a story of relationships, acceptance, and redemption. Joshilyn is a gifted writer and this novel has just the right mix of complex characters with a gripping plot and a healthy dose of humor. If you haven’t picked one yet, The Girl Who Stopped Swimming is a perfect summer read.

Listen in as Joshilyn talks about how becoming a published author changes things

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Joshilyn Jackson, author of The Girl Who Stopped Swimming

Here’s a little teaser for you before I post my audio interview with Joshilyn Jackson ~ If you have any questions you’d like me to ask her, email me at before Wednesday, June11th!

Joshilyn is the award winning best selling author of gods in Alabama and Between Georgia. Her latest novel, The Girl Who Stopped Swimming is one not to miss. I especially appreciate Joshilyn’s sense of humor, attention for detail, and ability to move her plot forward. Her characters are so realistic, you’re left questioning who these people really are ~ Surely, they aren’t simply a figment of Joshilyn’s imagination.

Carrie:  Give us an idea of the plot/subject without giving too much away.

Joshilyn:  The ghost of a drowned girl draws a pairs of estranged sisters together to discover what really happened the night she died.

Carrie:  Is your book plot or character driven ~ Tell us about your writing process.

Joshilyn:  Oh, I am always character driven. Plot comes last for me. I think about families and sets of people who are tangled up in each others lives for years before I ever write about them. At some point, one group of the folks in my head will become “internally loud,” and I’ll realize they are next.

I think the relationship between the sisters is what fuels THE GIRL WHO STOPPED SWIMMING. They are such opposites, and yet they came from the same place. These sisters share a haunted past, and one of my favorite things about the book is how the sisters, as young girls, get the same “push” and roll in wildly different directions, because of who they are inside.

JoshilynI sympathize with Laurel, who lives a conventional life much like my own: a suburban wife and mother with a career in the arts. She is sometimes weak, sometimes indecisive, but she has a big hairy slavering fanged mother bear living inside her. When it’s her kid, the stakes change, and there is something unbreakable about her in that kind of situation in spite of her soft personality.

The other sister—Thalia. Lord. She is a love her/hate her character. I think she is hilarious, but I know some readers will want to strangle her. I freakin’ love her—even though I do not ADMIRE her. She flirts with being a sociopath, but where she is capable of love, she does it fiercely and willfully. I am interested in her strange marriage…

David Fulmer, author of The Blue Door

David Fulmer is the author of five critically-acclaimed and award-winning novels with Harcourt Books. His plaudits include nominations for a Los Angeles Times Book Prize, a Barry Award, and a Falcon Award. He claimed a spot on Borders Books “Best of 2003 List” and the “Best of 2005” lists by Library Journal, Deadly Pleasures Magazine, and The St. Louis Post-Dispatch and one of his books was included as one of New York Magazine’s “Best Novels You’ve Never Read”

He won a 2002 Shamus Award, the 2005 Georgia Author of the Year Award, and the 2007 Benjamin Franklin Award for Audiobook Fiction He has been translated into Japanese, Italian and French. All his books have received superlative reviews from, among others publications, The Times Picayune, The New York Times, Publishers Weekly, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Washington Post, BookList, Kirkus Reviews, The Detroit News, The Boston Globe, and The Tennessean.

Carrie: Please tell us about The Blue Door.
David:  It’s a mystery set in South Philadelphia in 1962. The main character is a boxer named Eddie Cero who comes to work for a private detective named Sal Giambroni—mostly, as a way to make a little money until he can get his fight career going again. He ends up getting involved in what seems to be a cold missing person case.

Carrie: Is The Blue Door plot or character driven?

David: Definitely character-driven. I begin all my books with an evocative setting. For the first three, it was Storyville, New Orleans, at the turn of the century.  Then I turned to Atlanta in the 1920s. In his current book, it’s South Philly in the early 1960s. I treat the setting as a character. Then I place the human characters whom I’ve spent considerable time developing and understand on these stages. I know there’s a body somewhere. These pieces are my raw materials.

Carrie: Why is music such an important factor in all your novels? 
David FulmerDavid:  I fell in love with American music when I was a kid. I’ve always felt that it’s represented the best of our culture. It came up from the ground, is ethnic without maintaining barriers, it’s totally inclusive, and has come to define America. There’s really no other art form that can make that claim The musicians and the music provide these really interesting dramas and I find lots of rich material to mine.
Carrie: How did your a small town background contribute to your future as a writer?
David: It required me entertaining myself, as well as my friends and me entertaining each other. That meant lots of stories. My grandfather was an immigrant and so the Old World oral storytelling tradition was very strong in our family. The other thing is that small towns can be stifling and growing up in one made me want to get out and do something.

Carrie:  Who are your favorite authors and who influenced your writing?

Book Drawing Winners Announced!

The following Words To Mouth friends have won free books:

  • Ann – Kate Jacobs, Friday Night Knitting Club
  • Anne – Mary Kay Andrews, Deep Dish
  • Andrea H. – Carolyn Ellis, 7 Pitfalls of Single Parenting
  • Carol L. – Debbie Gisonni, Vita’s Will
  • Jody L. – A.M. Homes, The Mistress’s Daughter
  • Kristi N. – Debbie Gisonni, The Goddess of Happiness
  • Rochelle M. – Kate Jacobs, Friday Night Knitting Club
  • Tina F. – Mary Kay Andrews, Deep Dish
  • Marsha C. – Kate Jacobs, Friday Night Knitting Club
  • Robin D. – Kaira Sturdivant–Rouda, Real You Incorporated
  • Eileen D. – Debbie Gisonni, The Goddess of Happiness AND Vita’s Will

I entered your name for the specific books you listed in the subject heading of your email. Some people listed two books and some wrote “ALL,” so they were entered in a few different contests and some people won two books! CONGRATULATIONS!! If you entered for a specific book, but now want me to put your name in the hat for ALL future drawings, just send me a quick email. For example, I’ve got a few copies of Kate Jacobs’ new book, Comfort Food, that I’d think you folks who put your name in for FNKC would be interested in, but I don’t want to assume…

I promise there are NO strings attached to winning, but I’d appreciate you commenting on the book on the Words To Mouth website once you read it.

I’m sure the author’s would appreciate you writing a review on the Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Books-A-Million websites—whichever you prefer (tell ‘em you won the book on Words To Mouth).  But, again, NO pressure—I know we’re all busy and some people love reading, yet hate writing, so if that feels like a pain, don’t do it ~ just thought I’d throw it out as an idea to help authors.

I will be drawing names for the following books next:

  • Jenifer Fox – Your Child’s Strengths
  • Kate Jacobs – Advance copies of Comfort Food (& matching tote bag)
  • Gary Seigel – The Mouth Trap
  • Phillips, Linney, Pack – Safe School Ambassadors (Interview Coming Soon)
  • Kaira Sturdivant Rouda – Real You Incorporated

This time, I’m asking folks to enter by doing one of the following:

  1. Leave a comment on the Words To Mouth website—under any book/interview of your choice,
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If you enter one of the top two ways, I’m going to enter your name TWICE in the drawing. For those of you who do both of the top two ways, your name goes in twice for each method for a total of FOUR times. Of course, if you choose the top two options, please shoot me an email, so I know how to get a hold of you if you win! For you busy folks who just send me an email—that works, too—you’ll just have your name entered once. That’s fair, right?

**I’ve got 2 more copies of The 7 Pitfalls of Singe Parenting, which is obviously a book for a specific audience. If you know of anyone who is separated or divorced w/kids and may be interested in receiving this book, send me an email and I’ll put your name in the hat. If you win, you can give them the book as a gift ~ I’ll never tell!

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