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The Hope for Authors Project


HELP A READER (and Author) OUT…

My partner, Tom Royce, and I are working on a new project to help “under-promoted” authors get their books in the hands of readers. Check it out at or by clicking the banner above and let us know your suggestions.

We’re looking for experts in publishing and social/digital media who are willing to share tips on how to successfully promote books and build authors’ brand. An interactive and reciprocal approach where we offer contributors a free e-book of Web 2.0 book marketing tools.

I found this video and thought it a PERFECT depiction of why Hope For Authors is so important.

NOT Your Grandmother’s Book Promotion (Murder*by*4)

Aaron Lazar graciously invited me to guest blog on the website Murder*by*4 (click). I wrote an article about digital media and book promotion and I invite you to check it out and pass it along to other authors and book promoters.


Jason Van Orden ~ Community Magnet (audio interview)

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Jason-pi-avatarJason Van Orden is considered a new media expert and a pro at creating community. He hosts Podcast Underground, co-hosts Internet Business Mastery, wrote Promoting Your Podcast, and provides exceptional content on creating community in his latest Community Magnet series. See the links below to access his websites and priceless content.

Today, I explore with Jason how business owners, politicians, life coaches, authors, even hobbyists—virtually anyone—can build brand-recognition and community connection through optimizing new media. Jason suggests providing consistent and valuable content via the following avenues:

  • an interactive website,
  • blog posts,
  • podcasts,
  • e-newsletters,
  • forums,
  • premium memberships, and
  • webinars 

“Trust is the foundation of relationships and relationships are the foundation of the community,” says Jason. According to a recent Eidelman survey, purchasers make decisions based on trust of both peers and experts, so Jason recommends branding one’s self as an expert and then providing a place where your audience can interact with their peers.

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