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Knit Two, Kate Jacobs ~ Win a free copy of FIVE!

Win One of FIVE Copies of Knit Two

Knit_Two_by_Kate_JacobsWarning: This is a pretty huge post on Knit Two with a Q&A with Kate Jacobs and a wonderful guest book review from Bonnie from Red Lady’s Reading Room.  


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As some of you may know, Kate Jacob does call-ins to bookclubs all across the country, so if you’re in a bookclub (or know of friends who are), you can sign up to invite Kate to your meeting HERE.

And Kate’s running a contest where she’ll visit your bookclub in person. Sign up HERE

A Conversation with Kate Jacobs

Carrie:  Did you think you’d write a sequel as soon as you finished The Friday Night Knitting Club, or did that decision come later?

Kate:  I was exhausted right after finishing The Friday Night Knitting Club! It was my first novel and I was ready for a good, long nap after all that writing! Though, in all seriousness, I had some other characters rumbling around in my brain and their stories deserved telling. So I wrote Comfort Food. That said, I always had a future mapped out for the members of the knitting club, and, after hearing from so many fans who were eager to know what happens, it didn’t seem fair to just keep it all to myself. Writing this sequel was truly a joy, and I’m excited to share the new book with readers.

Carrie:  Without giving too much away, are there things that will surprise readers in KNIT TWO?Kate Jacobs

Kate:  KNIT TWO is set about five years after the first book, and all of the characters are older and, in some cases, more mature. Dakota is in college now. Though just because we get older doesn’t always make us wiser! There are new friendships between the characters, folks who didn’t know each other as well in the original, and overall the sequel is much more upbeat than the ending of the first book.

Carrie:  Which character do you identify with most strongly? How much of yourself did you put into

The Friday Night Knitting Club, Kate Jacobs

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I had the distinct honor of speaking with Kate Jacobs, a truly talented writer of a wonderful novel about female friendship. The Friday Night Knitting Club is Kate’s first published novel and though she is unquestionably qualified based on her professional credentials, it thrills even Kate that her novel has made it on the New York Times and USA Today’s bestseller lists as well as won favor with actress Julia Roberts who is producing and starring in The Friday Night Knitting Club, The MOVIE!

Raised a small-town girl near Vancouver, Kate moved to NYC to earn her Master’s degree at NYU and learned the importance of creating a support system of friends to survive in the Big Apple. Kate honed her writing and editing skills with notable female-focused magazines such as Redbook, Working Woman, and Family Life. She later freelanced on Lifetime Television’s website before publishing The Friday Night Knitting Club.

Kate’s second novel, Comfort Foodcomes out May 6th and I look forward to the possibility of having her back on Words To Mouth to talk about it with us. Check out Kate’s website at ~ She’ll respond to your emails and may even call in to chat with your book group–What Fun!

Feel free to leave your comments below and send an email to with “FNKC” in the subject heading to enter a drawing to win a free copy of Kate Jacob’s book.

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