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Playing with the Enemy, Gary Moore

Listen NowWWII German POWs and Baseball ~ Quite honestly, not subjects this gal would usually pick for a read…I’m so glad I did and I encourage you to do the same. Don’t just pick it up, give it as a gift this Father’s Day weekend.Playing with the Enemy is truly a story about second chances, not only in baseball, but in life. It doesn’t have the fairytale ending you may expect, but ultimately one much richer. Talking with Gary Moore, the author of Playing with the Enemy, was refreshing. He’s a humble man who has honored his father by telling his secret life story. Imagine being a teenage boy, finding a letter in your dad’s sock drawer proving he’d been signed with the Pittsburgh Pirates—and being sworn to silence—the subject never broached again until just before that father passes away.

Playing with the Enemy, is being produced into a movie by Gerald R. Molen (Schindler’s List, Jurrasic Park, Rain Man) and Toby MooreToby (CSI: Miami, Law & Order), Gary’s son, will play Gene Moore, Gary’s father. Gary even gets to dabble his toes in acting and play the part of his grandfather. “It’s become a conversation between generations,” Gary says about the experience, “and I feel truly blessed.” 

Playing with the Enemy is not just about baseball. It’s about redemption and relationships. Reading this book and hearing Gary’s story from his own lips, encourages reflection of relationship. Don’t let another day pass without telling your loved ones What You Need to Say…before it’s too late.

Click the arrow below to listen as Gary depicts the details of his father’s life and the “Greatest Generation” of our time. To have future shows delivered to your computer for free, subscribe on iTunes.

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